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The work-life recipe: two portions of a leisure family, one portion of a job. So a stress-free working day, generating lots of money in a pleasant way, spending time with friends and family, doing sports and eating healthy - it could be so nice.

Too much work, too little time to live - how can you find relaxation there?

Do you count yourself among the people who are constantly trying to reconcile all this? Then you know that it is an almost impossible task.

Wellness & relaxation
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Often there is talk of the so-called work-life balance, in which it is important to reconcile working life, leisure and family. Since these are mostly very different interests, the creation of a "balance" is often difficult.

There are many tips ...

... But whether these are good is another question. It is said that those who take a lot of little time off in addition to the planned breaks will make their day-to-day work less stressful. But what does the stressed worker really get if he withdraws for ten minutes, drinks a cup of tea or walks up and down the street once? He knows that he has to do his job afterwards under even greater time pressure. In the end, the relaxation factor goes towards zero.

Even within your own four walls, it is not always possible to implement seemingly simple tips for more inner balance and relaxation. It is true that you have more of the day if you get up an hour earlier. To be able to sleep well, it is also necessary to go to bed one hour earlier in the evening. This time is then missing in order to enjoy the end of the day in peace, read a book or meet for a coffee with your best friend.

It is clear that a day can be very short when it comes to fulfilling all tasks in the professional and leisure area in a relaxed and relaxed manner and equally pursuing your own interests. Family people in particular often feel like a hamster on a bike. But what can you do to make the working day more bearable and to ensure a little more well-being?

Find scope, bring structure to the day

If everyday life can only be overcome with great effort, organizational or structural problems are often to blame. Either the demands on one's own person are too high or the workload is simply not possible. Nevertheless, there are in many places certain leeway that can be used.

Maybe the children can stay in kindergarten for a little longer? Perhaps the employee will get permission from his boss to go on vacation for three weeks instead of two? Maybe ordered, finished food doesn't taste too bad, at least once a week? Maybe the working time can be reduced a little if the money is still enough?

These are just a few of many options. Of course it is a high goal to achieve an ideal work-life balance. There is no real recipe for it. It is also important not to let this thought stress you even more.

But one thing is for sure: In almost every situation in life, small things can be changed in such a way that they ultimately benefit everyone. Ask yourself what areas you can optimize in your life, if only a little bit.

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