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Those who think of eroticism in art may mistakenly associate this area with pornography. Rather, erotica itself has to do with capturing sensual moments and inspiring those who want to look at them and also want to paint them. This applies to painted art as well as to a sensual, beautiful erotic poem.

Erotic poem for the girlfriend and the friend

Enjoy our small collection of 3 erotic poems.

Erotic poem - love whisper

Erotic poem - Tender caresses - Erotic poems
Erotic poem for the girlfriend and the friend

I paint words in the air
With my mouth
With my scent
You will see

I sing songs only for you
With my eyes
With my light
You will feel it

I blow love on the skin
With my tongue
With my stomach
You will hear it

Now we are here together
We live crazy
We think wrong
And we like each other

Do you see my hills shaking?
You reach for it
You want to live
I open you

Close your eyes, look at me
Hold me tight
Hold me in my arms
And come in me.

Erotic Poem - Let me feel

Let me think about your eyes
then I see you in front of me
how our looks give love
in the here and now.

Erotic poem - couple touches each other sensually
Beautiful, erotic poems - feel

Let me think about your nose
how she puffs up lustfully
when we steer each other
until nothing works.

Let me think about your ears
who hear my moans
when we push, turn, turn
nobody should bother.

Let me feel all your fingers
on me, on me, in me
who seduce me with all their might
I'm with you.

Let me forget everything around you
I give myself to you
I'm completely obsessed with you now
you are in me.

Never let this part of you end
never be the rhythm
then carry our luck on hands
I am yours now.

Erotic poem - desire

Erotic poem for the girlfriend and the friend
Erotic poetry - desire

Heat is what connects us,
the velvetness of our bodies,
charged to the heart
and yet so tense.

It is the eyes that feel,
every moment to us,
greedy looking up to angles,
nobody else saw.

Crackling is what we feel
the desire that grows,
touching us with gestures only,
until the shame has come.

Warm greed that ignites embers,
when bodies melt into each other,
rubbing themselves to the last act to shine sweetly.

© CG
Claudia Göpel - 2016

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