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Many have probably experienced it once: After a violent dispute is the sex, once the minds have cooled, better and more passionate than ever. The much-vaunted reconciliation sex so. But what is behind it?

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There are physical and emotional reasons why reconciliation sex feels so beautiful. Physically, numerous hormones are released during a dispute, for example adrenaline, to prepare the body for a confrontation.

make-up sex
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The same hormones also ensure that all sensory impressions are sharpened - including the sensitivity to touch, smells, noises ... This in turn makes the sex look even more intense.

But the mental aspects are even more important. A bad argument leads to a lot of negative emotions, for example fear and anger - the following reconciliation makes the closeness to the partner feel much more calming and comforting.

In addition to hot eroticism, reconciliation sex also conveys a deep feeling of security, and that is precisely what makes it special. Many partnerships lose this feeling of closeness over time. Only after reconciliation sex after a wild argument does it reappear. Coupled with the fading emotions and the many hormones in the blood, sex then feels much more intense and exciting than usual.

In addition, reconciliation sex can act as a kind of conclusion to a dispute, as a visible sign that the dispute has been settled and that one can reconcile oneself. Accordingly, one can also get close physically again and show each other his love and affection.

Does it always work?

Just as there is no complete reconciliation after every argument, reconciliation sex is not always optimal. After all, tingling eroticism and hot games between the sheets do not solve the reasons that originally caused the argument. In addition, even the best reconciliation sex should not become permanent in an otherwise troubled relationship.

No matter how good reconciliation sex feels, it is not a panacea and cannot replace a clarifying conversation. Whether you do this before or after the climax is up to you. After all, you are wonderfully relaxed after the reconciliation sex.

How do you find the right time for reconciliation sex?

Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the optimal timing for hot reconciliation sex. If you start your advances all too soon after a bad dispute, you run the risk of negotiating a rough removal. But if you wait too long, the violent emotions have already subsided and the reconciliation sex becomes just normal 08/15 sex.

What is particularly complicated is the fact that the emotional state of a person behaves differently after an argument. Some may be in the mood for sparkling eroticism after five minutes, others not yet after an hour. It is therefore important to consider your own emotions and those of your partner. As long as you still feel anger, your muscles are tense, your pulse is racing, it is definitely not the right time.

Only when you can breathe deeply again do you begin to wonder why you actually quarreled, look your partner in the face and see the flash of a smile - then all signs point to a tingling reconciliation.


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