Eroticism despite alcohol

Contrary to its reputation, alcohol is indeed an often abused aphrodisiac. A glass of champagne or sparkling wine is stimulating and sexually stimulating.

Alcohol as an aphrodisiac

In larger quantities, however, the effect is the opposite. A small amount of alcohol stimulates blood circulation and makes nervousness disappear. Sexually inhibited people can get much closer to the opposite sex and the most beautiful thing in the world with alcohol.

Alcohol as an aphrodisiac
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This is how the alcohol affects us

If the alcohol has a stimulating effect, the correct dosage is important. Already from a liter of beer or two glasses of wine, alcohol is anything but stimulating for 99% of men. This negative effect occurs even faster in women because of the lower body weight.

The consumption of large amounts of alcohol leads to motor disturbances and restrictions, movements slow down and temporary potency disorders in men occur. The right and usually tight dosage is therefore crucial.

If you consume alcohol often and regularly, it no longer has any positive influence on the libido. If there is even a chronic alcohol abuse, the sexual performance can be permanently impaired.

How much alcohol stimulates us depends on the amount of alcohol, sex, weight and age. It is also crucial, if you have eaten immediately before drinking alcohol and how much you are used to alcohol.

Alcohol and sexual performance

In a small dose of alcohol relaxes us. Nervousness and inhibitions go back significantly. It causes a slight arousal and the increased blood flow can have a positive effect on the erection.

Already in medium doses the pronunciation becomes unclear, slight motor disturbances occur. Common symptoms include sexual aggression and orgasm problems.

If you have looked really deep into the glass, that is the time of the completely exaggerated emotions. The motor disturbances increase dramatically and the sexual performance fades away.

In total delirium you have neither emotional nor physical control. Sexually there is nothing left to do.

Alcohol can be used for sexual stimulation. Of course everyone reacts differently, so just try it out! A champagne breakfast in bed with your loved one is always something special and guarantees a sparkling and erotic mood.

Under no circumstances should alcohol be regarded as a constant aid, because then it quickly loses the desired effect. Large quantities of alcohol in order to “tow” the “object” of his desire is absolutely inappropriate and generally does not lead to success. At the latest in intimate togetherness, the negative and less stimulating effects of alcohol will become physically noticeable.

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