Eroticism in everyday life

Food and eroticism undoubtedly belong together if the general conditions are right. What these should look like, what you can do to help eroticize food, and many more things are covered in this article.

Eating and erotic - cooking together

For most couples, one of them does the cooking. Cooking together is often left behind by family, work and other things. It is all the better if you take the time together to conjure a delicious menu and then to enjoy.

Eating and erotic in everyday life
Eating and erotic in everyday life - © Bernd Jürgens / Adobe Stock

The decision should fall on a menu that tastes like both. A vegetarian heart lady will make man with a hearty beef goulash no great, let alone erotic pleasure.

Delicate noses curl up at the thought of onion and garlic kisses. Dodging ginger, cayenne and chilli may be worthwhile in this regard. If you do not want to do without garlic and onions, you can wash your hands with toothpaste after chopping them. This removes the smell of the skin and makes petting-haired hands.

The cleaning, peeling and chopping of the ingredients can be used wonderfully to feed each other with canapés. Potatoes and other ingredients are easy to carve into a heart shape. Of course, other forms are also conceivable that arise from the erotic fantasy. Think of asparagus and its phallic shape. The mutual feeding can continue with the seasoning of the dishes and with the food itself. A nicely laid table with candles spreads a gentle mood and is very conducive to the erotic mood.

Behavior at the table

Scheunendrescher and shovels certainly have no erotic effect when they are found at table. Slow and enjoyable food, with breaks for love glances, is much better. Compliments to the culinary arts do not hurt!

Alcohol has an aphrodisiac effect on most people. Too much, however, the effect reverses, you get tired and tired. If you go with a non-alcoholic company food and erotic intentions, you should do without. The flag in the breath can deter the object of desire.

An espresso instead of schnapps at the end of a menu prevents the flag and has a stimulating effect. The smell of fresh coffee triggers in the brain the merrymaking processes that keep us alert and alert. All senses are sharpened by espresso and set to love.

Aphrodisiac foods

The list of aphrodisiac foods is longer than many people think. When it comes to fruit, the frontrunners are strawberries, grapes and bananas, especially when they are dipped in liquid chocolate. The chocolate fondue for dessert is the best opportunity to start an erotic evening. Mutual sweet tooth stuffing with the delicacies promotes the mood, and the chocolate does not miss its effect either.

Incidentally, it is not just the forms of sweet fruits, but also their natural ingredients that have aphrodisiac. Bananas contribute to the formation of sex hormones, strawberries, grapes and pomegranates should have blood circulation-promoting ingredients that are currently being scientifically studied.

Artichokes for the lady and celery for the Lord: For dishes with these ingredients there is no stopping after dinner. More expensive and at least as effective are crustaceans such as the famous oysters, caviar and real truffles.

Erotic spices

The world of spices is a single pleasure garden! The use of ginger and basil, chilli and rosemary as well as all types of pepper stimulate blood circulation. The aromas tickle the nose and make you want. A wonderful combination is hot and aromatic spices and fruit. Basil and strawberries go great together. Chili and pepper turn simple citrus fruits into true magicians when it comes to eroticism. A creamy icing on the spiced fruit pieces literally puts the crown on an erotic dessert. Experiments with cinnamon, real vanilla and saffron can also lead to success.

The erotic buffet

An erotic buffet can be designed in two ways: by arranging and presenting the food according to anatomical models, or by using your own body as a base.

Asparagus can be served with strawberries. Gürkchen fit perfectly together with hard-boiled eggs. All foods that take on a distinctly male or female form are suitable for such a buffet.

When you can decorate your own body or your partner's body with delicious treats, you are in direct contact. Spreads and chocolate creams, cream and champagne or other carbonated drinks, fruits and vegetables are distributed to the erogenous zones, only to be eaten with relish with tongue and lips afterwards. Alternating cold and warm foods send shivers of pleasure over the body.

In everything one should respond to the preferences of the partner. If you do not like strawberries, you will not get an erotic mood with chocolate strawberries. The best way to find out before shopping for the erotic menu, which are the favorite foods of the partner. With a little imagination and creativity nothing stands in the way of an erotic meal.


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