Erotic coloring pages

Our erotic coloring pages try to capture sensual moments and inspire those who want to look at them and also color them. Sensuality plays a high role for our erotic coloring pictures, because the templates should convince by their expressiveness and not by the direct showing of intimate body parts.

Erotic coloring pages - bikini

The pictures of course show a certain degree of nudity. Still, they're not too pushy. Clicking on the image below opens the graphic in large format in a new window:

Color the bikini model
Color the bikini model


It is advisable to pay attention to the background when coloring. If it is colored completely black, the coloring picture is reminiscent of nude photography. Alternatively, you can also work well with blue and lilac surfaces, which are painted with fine stars with a white pen. This can also be done in light pastel colors in order not to steal the show from the actual painting.


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Are you looking for a drawing from your photo? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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