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The spring sun shone on my face and I closed my eyes and absorbed the generous warmth into my skin. This was my favorite time of year. I always felt alive and active as the season changed from the cold frost of winter to that explosion of sunshine and green.

Perhaps it was the sun that had given me the courage to wake up that morning and walk down through the old apple orchard on Breite Gasse.

Or maybe it was my need to see him. It was hard to tell whether the chill down my spine was from the morning cold or from the sight of Oliver Stein at the top of the hill. He was standing in the shade of a larger apple tree and seemed to be staring through the leaves at the sky just like me.

Erotic short story
Erotic short story Spring Fever - © Denis Ivanov / Adobe Stock

My heart was pounding at a rhythm specially set for him. For a moment I was unable to make a sound, just stared at his messy mane of golden hair, the steep slope of his shoulders, and the way his breath bobbed up and down his broad chest . I could watch him forever.

"A nice morning, isn't it?" I called, finally breaking the spell. Oliver turned in my direction and an incredibly beguiling smile came over his suntanned face. "It's just got a little nicer, I would say." Was his answer.

My chest swelled and the warmth of the sun spread to every sore corner of my needy body. When I reached Oliver, my eyes were glued to the glittering brown of his eyes.

My lips parted and I blew out my trembling breath. Today was the day. It was springtime, the time of awakening and rebirth.

I got so close to Oliver that I could smell the musky scent of his aftershave and said, “I woke up today with a very special feeling. And I thought maybe I should come here and fill this feeling with action. "

I saw Oliver's breath catching at my words and my closeness. I gently raised a hand and brushed the small stain on his chest that I could see through the unopened buttons of his shirt. My eyes were still on him, branding what I was talking about. A moment, heavy and full of delicious tension, hung between us.

"Then do it," whispered Oliver.

That was the only encouragement each of us needed. As if drawn together by an unstoppable force, our lips met in a passionate kiss. He was rude but thoughtful as he ran his hands through my long dark hair, over my arched back, and over my bare breasts. I felt a deep moan come out of his throat when he noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra under my see-through yellow sundress.

Words didn't matter, just touch and breath and lust. Oliver pressed me against the bark of the apple tree and my hands were lost in that golden lion's mane. I needed to be closer to him and took his rough, calloused hand and ran it up my thigh until he reached the center of my tenderness.

Oliver turned his body and lifted the skirt of my dress, revealing my nakedness underneath. I came here because I knew what I wanted from him. His hands slid over my skin, sending electricity all over my body.

The sound of his pants opening the zipper made me moan inadvertently. The sun, yellowing my face through the leaves, told me that what I wanted was coming true.

Oliver mumbled words about how beautiful I was and how perfect and how wonderfully warm I felt. Just like a spring day. I put my hips back on him and Oliver massaged my needy breasts while I called his name and we finally gave in to our feelings.

We lay in the sunshine for the rest of the day, fingers intertwined. We basked in the rest of the memories that remained of our love. All of this was exactly what I felt when I woke up that morning. I loved spring and it loved me too.

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