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I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her back and felt really at home for the first time in a week. Every time I went on a business trip, I knew I would come back with an emptiness in my chest that only it could fill.

"Anna," I whispered as if my words could caress her skin with my calloused hands. A low whimper was the only answer I got, and really the answer I needed. Her battered yellow truck had come down my driveway just an hour after my arrival, throwing up clouds of hot summer dirt.

Erotic Short Story - Back home
Erotic Short Story - Back Home | © Fxquadro / Adobe Stock

We had hardly spoken, the air between us was so full of lust for one another that it was unlikely that words could penetrate it. I had kissed her collarbone and enjoyed the salty sweat on her skin and the musky smell of her thick auburn hair. She slipped off her ribbed white tank top, dropped her denim shorts, and gave me a mischievous look over her shoulder as she walked up the old creaky stairs to my bedroom.

I had followed Anna and freed myself from the confines of my own clothes. It only took us seconds to be nothing but a blur of lips, skin and lust.

She looked like a goddess spread out on my white sheets, wild curls that glowed red and brown and gold in the afternoon sunlight. My heart pounded as I watched the curve of her spine, her full hips, and the delicious dimples on her lower back.

Her small, perky breasts fell into my hands as I grabbed them, and the nipples hardened. Every damn inch of her was so perfect that I wanted to bottle it and drink it like a bottle of whiskey every night before bed. She turned her face slightly, her pink lips parted, her cheeks flushed, and her green eyes shone with pleasure.

"Don't hold back," she just whispered to me before burying her face back into my sheets. She wanted everything I could give her and who am I to say no to that? She pushed me back, just as hungry for me as I was for her. The heat, the pressure, the way her body looked and tasted overwhelmed my senses.

Anna groaned wildly and her ankles turned white from pressing my sheets together. She was trembling and glistening with sweat and turned back to me, a devilish grin on her face. "Nice warm up, how about we start right now?"

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