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The change from summer to autumn is always my favorite time of year. The sun is still shining, but the air is beginning to acquire that refreshing crispness. It feels like a time to get things done, crouch down and prepare for winter.

Even now that I've left uni, this time of year reminds me of the time when college began and everything felt full of possibilities and wonders. I always have to smile when I think of this time and gently run my fingers over my lips.

Erotic short story Dana and Sabrina
Erotic short story Dana and Sabrina © fenix_live / Adobe Stock

The sensation evokes a memory of the beginning of my senior year. I had worked on campus all summer as the head of the ceramic workshop. The work itself was boring as there were seldom people who called to use the facility. And actually the whole summer would have been one long, lame show had it not been for Dana, who was overseeing the photo lab directly across from me.

We both finally realized that, to keep our senses, we should be friends. The chemistry was right immediately and we shared a dry sense of humor and a deep love for anything to do with food. Dana started bringing coffee and breakfast alternately on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and we spent the day in the photo lab. I did the same on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we spent our shifts in the ceramics studio.

It wasn't long before we spent most of our weekends at each other's as well. Neither of us was usually very extroverted, so the new situation of having someone around us who wasn't draining our energy reserves was very exhilarating.

We snuggled in our beds to watch bad movies and laugh at the terrible plots, drank wine on the roof of the art department building, and took more ceramics and photos ourselves than we ever did during school days.

I was shocked at how much affection I felt for Dana even though we had never met before. It turned out that she had only switched to school last semester and would be spending a full semester in Canada this fall.

I remember the thought of her leaving school broke my heart and I cried for hours in my room the night before our last shift. After that day she would be gone and everything would change. The dizzying happiness I had felt all summer would fade just as the heat had started.

When I got to the photo lab last morning, I was surprised to see the same damp swelling in Dana's eyes. She had lit candles around our breakfast which made the room cozy as it was generally kept quite dark.

Her hazel irises glittered and we immediately met in the middle of the room, hugging each other as tightly as possible. I buried my face in the back of her soft neck and her wavy hair, which smelled intoxicating of roses. Her soft lips trembled against the skin of my own neck and I felt myself indulging in that feeling. My hands brushed up and down the curve of her back and I gasped as I felt the warm wetness of Dana's tongue on my collarbone.

We moved just enough away from each other to look each other in the eye. For a moment, our breath mixed in the air between us, both lips parted and our eyes were heavy. Her red-haired hair shone and I thought I had never seen anyone so beautiful just as she whispered the same words to me. As if enchanted, we both leaned forward, the lips met so softly and quietly that I wondered if this could be real. She was so warm, so soft and so beautiful.

Never before had I felt more in sync with another person's body. Never before had I let my tongue slide into my mouth so effortlessly and never before had anyone's lips and tongue tasted so sweet.

I gently slipped a hand under Dana's t-shirt and traced the curved line of her spine. She was shaking in my arms and I felt goose bumps build up on her skin. I pulled her closer and felt the warmth of her lips spread over my whole body and ignite inside me.

Without a word, we moved to the little green couch in the corner of the room, our lips never parting. We embraced each other like the roots of a tree and as soon as I sat down, I distributed light kisses to Dana's jawline and neck.

The soft, appreciative noises she made nourished me in a way that was previously unimaginable to me. I had wished for exactly this all summer and never really realized it. I wondered if this was also her first kiss with a woman. Had she ever covered another woman's breast under her shirt with her delicate hands as she did me now?

I had never seen this before, but now that it happened it hit me like lightning. The gentleness, the intuition, the feeling of her cool little fingertips brushing my nipples through my lace bralette ... it all made me extremely wild.

I don't need to say a word to Dana so that she would know where to touch me; she followed my movements and sounds, taking in the subtle reactions I had and which told her everything she needed to know. It was also as if Dana's body was depicted in my subconscious, as if he was telling me where to kiss, pinch and touch her.

No man had ever made me feel that way, he had never been so gentle and soft when he caressed my skin and took off my clothes. When we were both completely naked, I took a moment to stare at the glowing beauty in my arms.

Her small breasts were pointed, her rose petal nipples were wet from my kisses. Her delicate shoulders and generous hips somehow fitted into my own tall, soft frame like a piece of a puzzle.

She pulled my face back to hers and our tongues met in a sensual dance. We tenderly sought the pleasure the other longed for.

We then spent the whole day intertwined on the couch and rubbed each other with relish until we were too tired to do anything other than lie together with gently touching lips.

Every time I breathe the first autumn air, still tinged with the green of summer, I think of this day. Think of the charm of the new, the relaxation and the gentle, sweet ecstasy that Dana and I had created together.


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