Eroticism in everyday life

Here the attempt to write erotic emotions in a few words in verse form as an erotic poem. Have fun reading and enjoying.

Erotic poem - caressing

Lips as light as a feather
Strip my stomach
Fine hairs stand in line
My skin breathes gently

Where is your way
Up, down, on me?
Pointing the sky, I know

Erotic poem - caressing
Erotic poem - caressing - © Artem Furman / Adobe Stock

take your time
I like goose feet
Take your hand
You can knead - because, knead

Can I escape you
Do I want to leave you
You know me, thank god
Please stay here, don't go

take your time
Budding, demanding stretches
'My soft chest
Trembling the kisses of expectation

Against your lust
Fingers free
There is more, friend
I want to enjoy it

take your time
Take your time, I'm not rushing you
Explore my body
Gently, just very gently, darling

Venus greets cautiously
Gently? I lie, you can run harder
I'm ready now honey
Take me, take me whole

Your breath sounds rattling
Wet on my skin
Timelessly I gasp back
My thighs are shaking hard

Your feathery lips
Caressing my face - thenI want to go again, but this time
Take your time…


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