Partnership and eroticism

Do you know that too? After a few years, the relationship has "run in" because everyday life often catches up with you and you then have little time for the relationship.

Does love really go through the stomach?

Among the actually many ways to keep a relationship “fresh”, I recently came across a very special one.

Food and erotic
Food and erotic - © Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

Well, not quite in my hands, but rather jumped onto the screen. I discovered a book in which you can find recipes that are all made with ingredients that you can use aphrodisiac effect says.

I mean, of course, there are countless cookbooks and of course you will find one or the other dish everywhere that is said to be something special for a nice evening for two.

But this book “Heiße Küche” by Valery Sanders is really tough, because there you will actually only find dishes that can initiate a “nice” evening.

In Valery's cookbook I found aperitifs such as a delicious “strawberry champagne”. I found it difficult to choose a starter, but then decided on “Ricotta appetizers with salmon”, which was very popular. After the main course - “Noodles with asparagus and scampi” - I round off the romantic dinner for two with a pomegranate tiramisu as dessert.

I can only thank the author. With this book she has really created a cool work, which literally makes you want more.

By the way, should you not find a recipe in the book that suits you, you can create your own recipes with the selection of aphrodisiac foods and spices. There should be no limit to creativity here.

And who knows, maybe you can just let everyday life be everyday and dedicate a little more to the partnership. Of course, a “hot dinner” isn't all that goes with it, but it's a small part that you can use to add a little variety to the routine. You could also invite your partner to cook together and have a little “foreplay”.

Here are two little tips on the side:

If you are planning a “surprise dinner”, it is advisable to create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. Dim lighting and some candles are great for this.

The same applies to clothing. If you want to seduce your partner, it is quite appropriate to serve the first course with "little black people".

In this sense, I can in fact only recommend Valery's book: (Advertisement) - "Hot" kitchen: Cooking for pleasure


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