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Ignoring problems is common in many families. But of course that's not all, because family problems can pose a serious threat to family harmony. So some families resort to the last straw, which is often family therapy.

Family therapy can solve problems in the family

It is not uncommon for entire families to see a therapist to talk to them about family problems.

family therapy
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However, family therapy is not a miracle healing. It always requires the will of every family member to solve the problems with therapy sessions.

Families often take part in a group meeting where family members can confess what is on their minds.

In the therapy session, honest words are very beneficial, so that the therapist can explain to the families how the problems can be dealt with. But to do this, the therapist usually has to find out the causes of the family problems, which is why he listens carefully to the family therapy sessions and suggests individual therapies.

What are the causes of family problems?

The siblings hate each other, arguments among the parents can be heard throughout the house every day, the grandparents intervene in everything. And anyway, the house blessing in the family is really crooked.

A therapist will find many construction sites where the causes of the family problems can be buried. With conversations, it is the therapist’s job to expose the family’s problems and show them that arguments are often unnecessary. But therapists also have families in front of them who get each other's hair at the sessions and simply don't give up. Although the therapist tries to find a solution to the family's problems.

Sometimes therapists have no choice but to propose individual therapies to a family. But how should family problems be solved if the family is cared for in different sessions?

Individual therapies of family members

Indeed, many families can be treated more therapeutically more easily if the family members come to the therapist for one-on-one sessions and explain their problems, since they see the opportunity in a personal conversation with the therapist to be able to talk about family problems without any disputes. The sessions with a family therapist often enable families to get out of the quarrel. Because family therapy can solve problems in the family, but family therapy can only bear fruit if the therapist receives the cooperation of every family member and there are no longer any reasons for the family's dispute.

Solved family problems and further therapy sessions with the therapist

For many families, therapy is successful, which is why there are often families who continue to see their therapist to nip future problems in the family in the bud. Because the success of family therapy should of course never be threatened by new family disputes.


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