Christmas troubleshooting picture - Find the differences

Fault pictures, on which the children must mark the differences, promote the concentration! After debugging, the template can then be painted out. The task of these troubleshooting templates for the children is now to search and circling the differences in both images. In the end, the picture can still be painted with crayons!

Mistake Christmas - Find the differences

The solution for the error images is also found next to the template, but please do not cheat! Clicking on the image opens the template in pdf format for printing, so that both sides can be juxtaposed and compared. Below you can find the solution. But do not cheat!

Mistake Christmas - Find the differences
Mistake Christmas - Find the differences

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Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring page with a very special motif or a new idea for an error pattern for children. We may also be able to create a coloring page based on your specifications from a photo.

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