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Window pictures to design - what could be nicer than decorating your own home seasonally and really looking pretty? If you can please everyone who passes, so much the better. This is possible with self-designed window pictures. But how do you create window images?

Classic frame window pictures with tracing paper

Creativity knows no limits. Here you can find out everything about the different techniques and required materials and find free window picture templates. Classic window pictures are designed with a frame made of construction paper and tracing paper. These types of window pictures are particularly popular because the sun really does the handicrafts at the window.

Materials required for frame window pictures with tracing paper:

  • pencils
  • White paper
  • scissors
  • Cardboard (for stencils)
  • Liquid glue
  • colored construction paper, photo or mirror cardboard
  • colored tracing paper
Window pictures templates for free
Window pictures templates for birth

The motif is first drawn on a piece of paper, then transferred to the cardboard. Then the pattern is cut out. The areas that are later to be filled with the tracing paper are now also cut out, so that a template frame is created in the shape of the desired motif.

Then place the stencil on the construction paper and draw along the outside of the stencil. After the motif has been transferred to the construction paper, it can be cut out along the drawn lines. The inner cutouts are then covered with transparent paper.

The cardboard stencil can be used again and again and is particularly suitable if you want to tinker the same motif more often and as similarly as possible. B. a flock of butterflies or a group of snowmen.

Window pictures with the snippet technique

You can conjure up colorful eye-catchers on the windows with the so-called snippet technique.

Materials required for the snippet technique:

  • A template at will
  • Photo or mirror box
  • Transparent Paper
  • Book foil, self-adhesive
  • scissors
  • tape

The first thing to do is print out the template, cut it out and transfer it to the back of the mirrored cardboard or the book foil.

The cardboard paper is now cut out as a frame for the whole. The book foil is cut out slightly smaller than the outer frame. The protective paper is then removed from the book foil and glued to the frame.

In the next step, the tracing paper is shredded into small or larger snippets. These snippets are glued to the adhesive film. A beautiful individual window picture has already been created.

Sun catcher window pictures

The sun catcher window pictures are also made with the snippet technique, but without a frame. In the end, this means that you only have softly illuminated shapes made of colored transparent paper by the window. Sun catchers are very easy and quick to make.

Window pictures templates
Window pictures templates

Materials needed for sun catchers:

  • Brush
  • Transparent Paper
  • Craft glue
  • Transparent cover
  • Possibly. self-adhesive book foil

There are various techniques for crafting a sun catcher window picture:

In any case, snippets are torn or cut from the tracing paper at the beginning.

Now you can either cut out the desired outline from a sheet of paper and slide it into a transparent cover and stick it on after the outline. The second option is to glue the transparent cover directly and to cut out the pattern later after it has dried. Another and not quite as sticky alternative is to stick the snippets directly onto the self-adhesive book foil.

Window pictures with chalk markers

A not so well-known technique, but very trendy and beautiful to look at are window pictures with chalk markers.

You need window pictures with chalk markers:

  • Any templates / stencils
  • Chalk marker in any color

Clean the window well and attach the template to the outside of the window so that the motif is clearly visible on the inside. This works best with transparent adhesive strips. Then you can easily draw the motif on the inside of your window with the chalk marker and the beautiful window decoration is ready.

Don't worry, chalk markers can be easily washed off with water or glass cleaner. Also works on mirrors, foils, glasses or glass bowls.

Free templates for window pictures

Clicking on a link opens the page with the desired window color template:

Window picture stork brings girls

Stork brings girls

Free window picture template for birth

Stork brings boys

Window picture template spring flowers

Spring flowers

Window picture birds

Birds stylized

Window pictures template birds illustrated in color

Birds on tree branch

Free window picture template flowers


Free window picture template summer meadow

Summer meadow

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