Long-distance relationship: love with a practical test

It is not uncommon for the partner search - especially when searching for a partner via the Internet or dating agencies - to end in a long-distance relationship, at least for the beginning of being together.

Long distance relationship: a love with advantages and disadvantages

The fact that the Internet offers significantly more opportunities to get to know a partner than the village pub can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

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Advantage 1: Plenty of time to cultivate friendships

In a long distance relationship, you usually only see each other every or every other weekend, sometimes even less often. So you are on the go during the week without your partner. While in a fresh relationship you tend to neglect friendships for the time being, in a long-distance relationship you will often intensify them to compensate for the lack of a partner.

Advantage 2: No distractions from the partner

Especially in stressful times at school, university or at work, a new relationship is often rather inconvenient, as there is little need for distraction. In a long-distance relationship, on the other hand, there is enough time for learning and you don't have to be accountable if you've been at work for much longer.

Advantage 3: Significantly fewer everyday problems

Due to the joy of seeing each other again and the short time that you can spend together, small quirks of the partner fade into the background. Instead, many are more likely to be perceived as endearing qualities, and one rarely runs the risk of being upset about classics like a tube of toothpaste left open.

Disadvantage 1: No checking of suitability for everyday use

While the absence of everyday problems is on the one hand positive, it also has its negative sides. After all, the couple has to prove a certain suitability for everyday use for a long-term relationship. While in long-distance relationships the weekend usually only consists of the pleasant sides of a partnership, everyday problems such as finances, washing dishes or the television program put the relationship to the test. If you finally move in together after a long time, you should definitely be aware that the time together will now be different than before. With good communication, mutual tolerance and reduced expectations, nothing stands in the way of further love happiness.

Disadvantage 2: Great longing

In a long-distance relationship, the distance between both partners can sometimes be very resilient. Telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, video chat or the old-fashioned love letter can hardly replace direct contact.

Disadvantage 3: high travel costs

Depending on where the two partners live, the travel costs can be very expensive. It is not always possible to travel with a very cheap ticket, and if you do, you are usually not traveling in the fastest possible way.

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