Firmly in the saddle - why cycling keeps us fit

Cycling is one of the healthiest endurance sports of all and is the perfect cardiovascular workout. If you pedal vigorously three to four times a week for around 30 minutes, you can extend your healthy life by a good ten years.


When cycling, the saddle absorbs around 75 percent of your body weight. As a result, the joints on the legs are not stressed. Cycling is therefore also a good alternative to jogging.

Riding a bicycle - Image by Ольга Фоломеева on Pixabay

Cycling is particularly beneficial in the fight against obesity and the unpleasant rolls of fat. A person weighing 75 kilograms burns 720 kilocalories after just one hour at medium driving speed. That is far more than what is in a bar of chocolate.

Cycling in osteoarthritis and knee joint problems?

Many people fear that cycling could put additional stress on the damaged joint cartilage. But orthopedic surgeons give the all-clear: the opposite is often the case, as the uniform knee movement improves the transport of nutrients to the cartilage. The joint capsule and meniscus also benefit from it. But of course, when it hurts, it hurts and you let it go. So please consult your own doctor beforehand!

Even those who suffer from varicose veins do not have to do without cycling. The venous blood is driven through the even footwork in the leg veins, much like a pump to the heart. This often works better than any medication.

Important for people with back problems: always pay attention to a straight posture and prefer the Dutch bike a racing car.

When does the fitness effect occur?

In order to achieve a noticeable fitness effect, you should cycle for at least two hours a week. The workload should increase steadily. To strengthen your stamina, all you need to do is pedal in a medium gear without getting out of breath. If the focus is on speed, so-called interval training is recommended. A firm and relaxed speed alternate every five minutes. If necessary, small breaks can be taken.

Who drives long distances at medium speed, boosts the fat burning. Thus, cycling is the ideal sport to lose weight. It automatically provides the daily portion of oxygen and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Even the way to work and shopping can be covered independently of training by bike.

By the way: This type of cardiovascular training really gets the sex hormones going. There are rumorsthat cyclists are better lovers. However, there is no scientific proof of this yet. So it's up to you to find out for yourself.

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