Photo art woman with orchid

When reality meets art, drawings and portraits are created from photos. Photo art that is partly based on a real photo and the other part has been artistically processed.

Photo art woman with orchid

The idea behind it is very simple. You combine already existing photos with an artistic drawing and in this way receive a work of art that probably does not exist a second time. This photo art comes into its own in beautiful picture frames, A click on the graphic opens the work in large format:

Photo art - woman with orchid
Photo art - woman with orchid

Reference photo and creation

Clicking on a graphic opens it in large format:

Reference photoPhoto art - conversion from photo to photo art

The work shown can be hung up in your apartment, we will be happy to provide a high-resolution version of the photo drawings shown on request.

Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Are you looking for photographic artwork on your photo? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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