Play Hangman | Rules and submission

The hangman rules are very easy and quick to explain: to play "Hangman" you need 2 players - or 2 groups like a parent and a child. Plus one or two pens and our templates.

Hangman game rules

This game can be played wonderfully classically with pen and paper. This creates a game with little effort that is wonderful to play with the family and which also promotes language skills:

  • A player comes up with a word
  • For each letter of this word he places an underscore on the game sheet
  • The players guess this word by naming letters that they believe appear in the word to be guessed.
  • If this letter is included in the word, the player enters this letter there on the underscores in the appropriate places.
  • If this letter is not included in the word, a dash is added to the hangman. The males drawn on our template serve as a pattern.
  • With our template, the single player won if the guessers made the 10th failed attempt.

Hangman game bow

Clicking on the game template opens the Hangman form in pdf format:

Hangman template - Hangman for free
Hangman Template - Hangman Free


Open template for Hangman in large format as graphic

More rules

You should think about the following things beforehand and clarify things before starting the game:

  • You can draw the gallows yourself, so you increase the number of failed attempts allowed
  • Agree on terms in one language
  • No shortcuts
  • When playing with children, remember not to make the words to be guessed too difficult.
  • and ... we have deliberately left out umlauts.

Once these questions have been answered, nothing stands in the way of a happy family evening. Maybe ours too Sink ships or City country river templates?


Do you have any ideas for other games for which we can create templates? Then please contact us.

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