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Gardening work that occurs in November and December? Anyone who thinks that gardeners can relax in November and December is wrong.

Garden in November

Especially in November there is still a lot to do before winter sets in. We explain below which routine work, maintenance and winter protection measures are still pending.

Gardening in November and December
Gardening in November and December

November is the best time to plant berry and fruit trees. As long as the weather allows it and it remains frost-free, you can also plant other trees. Sensitive plants and perennials such as lavender should now be covered with leaves or brushwood or with jute and fleece at the latest.

Be careful when pruning, especially with ornamental grasses. It makes more sense to tie the dry grass together to protect the roots from the cold and wet. Ornamental shrubs and conifers should also be lightly tied together as far as possible. This way, larger masses of snow cannot harm the plants.

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Falling leaves should always be removed from the lawn so that it can "breathe" and catch the sun's rays. Weeds can now be removed particularly easily. When it is wet and frosty, however, the area is to be stressed as little as possible, as the lawn is now very sensitive.

New beds for spring can also be prepared in November by digging up the respective areas. Mulching the cultivation and ornamental beds protects the surfaces from erosion and the cold.

What can be harvested in November?

  • spinach
  • leek
  • Autumn cabbage
  • Beetroot
  • Lamb's lettuce
  • Endive
  • Brussels sprouts

Radishes, radishes and lettuce can now be sown (under glass).

Garden in December

Although there is not so much to do in the garden in December, watering the plants must not be forgotten. Because even the hardy perennials and plants need water in order not to dry out.

Further winter protection measures are also important. Anyone who owns a garden pond should keep it from freezing over. The use of boards is sufficient for smaller ponds. For larger ones, ice preventer is used, which you can buy but also build yourself. Sensitive water lilies can be overwintered in the cellar.

If December is largely frost-free, deciduous trees, roses and bulb flowers can still be planted. In winter these are particularly cheap to get.

What can be harvested in December?

  • Kale
  • cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Lamb's lettuce
  • Chicory
  • leek
  • radish
  • spinach
  • Winter leek
  • salsify

Chives, cress and chicory (roots) can now be sown and pre-germinated under glass.

Birds feeding in winter

Many gardeners set up a bird house in the cold season, as the animals in the snowy landscape can only access a limited food supply. Others hang corn dumplings on branches or other suitable places. Bird mixtures, peanuts etc. are available in many supermarkets and specialty shops right on time at the beginning of the cold months.

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