Poem about children - butterfly

Quotes about children are always nice to read, but loving and emotional poems about children are still one step higher. You don't have to have children yourself to find this poem beautiful.

Poem about children - butterfly / How it happened to me

From one to the next day
it was shrill and raging, I was startled.

Poem about children - As happened to me
Poem about children - How happened to me - © Tomasz Trojanowski / Adobe Stock

The room is surrounded by many steps,
from their lutes, their kicks.
How is a tiny creature
so impetuous, so loud?

With all the noise that adorned everything
I almost thought I was going crazy.
Because every day was like a party
because my head turned on its own.

After the years go by
hides my inner happening.
As much as I found myself safe
in the colorful Chaos Children's Land.

From one to the next day
it had become quiet, I am able
little believe how it went
Year after year, my butterfly.

Now you fly on, I long for it
all your joy, every scene.
From one to the next year
I understand, as happened to me.


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