Poem about children and love

A poem is a description of something subjectively experienced. Felt, heard, seen or thought. These ideas, images and reflections are dressed up by the poet with lyrical rules and design elements in aesthetically beautiful words and brought into a rhythm


The poet plays with language. A poem is not useful, but it is a small, fine work of art.

Nice poems about children
Beautiful poems about children - © S.Kobold / Adobe Stock

Poems are just beautiful and mostly very emotional. So it was important to us to write our own poems. We would like to introduce these to you here.

Poetry is the finest, purest and most appealing literary genre, melodious and pictorial, simply there to make the world more beautiful and valuable.

Poems about children

Quotes about children are always very nice to read, but loving and emotional poems about children are still one step higher.

You do not have to have children yourself to find our following poems beautiful. Enjoy reading the following poems about children. We are happy to allow further publication of the texts by referring to our page:

Poem - Dear children

The strands that connect us
are visible, palpable, infinite.
We marvel every day and find
always new talents in you.

So you open our eyes,
shows us the warmth of the heart.
Hard to believe sometimes
how true and wise you are.

You build stories and pictures
of castles, tree house, sea.
The inexhaustible, deep "we"
that describes us and our unity.

Some days we do not understand it,
but you show us real life.
Thanks to you we experience the pure light,
that also awakens in us the aspiration.

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