Eroticism in everyday life

Time for two is precious - especially for couples with children. But even childless people often don't have enough time for each other, because long-distance relationships are increasingly necessary and the workload increases.

Eroticism in everyday life - together in the bath tub

All the more important are small escapes from everyday life that do not cost much, but help to keep the relationship alive and exciting.

Bathing for two
Bathing together © Piotr Marcinski / Adobe Stock

A shared bath can significantly increase well-being. The body relaxes in the warm bath water, stress dissolves and the narrowness of the bath helps to feel the closeness of the partner with every little movement.

Give time and space to eroticism

Anticipation is known to be the best pleasure. A shared bath should therefore be celebrated properly and in the best case be prepared together. Alternatively, you can of course surprise the partner and seduce with a common bubble bath.

At best, couples choose a day off for a swim - and make sure the alarm does not ring too early the next morning. Maybe the children can stay overnight with their grandparents, because parents in particular can not really relax and enjoy their time together when the children are around.

However, because the sharing of caresses and a fulfilling sex life help keep all family members happy, mothers and fathers should now and then have the freedom to arrange child-free times.

Preparation for bathing together

So, if you've managed to free yourself up for a day, do not start it too late. How about a city tour? It offers the perfect opportunity to get together a few beautiful accessories and useful utensils for the evening together.

Tealights should be at the top of the shopping list. They provide romantic lighting in the bathroom. Aromatically fragrant bath additives or a nourishing bubble bath are also recommended. Since the preferences regarding fragrances are different, each of the partners should take a nose before they both agree on a product.

To address all senses and because love is known to go through the stomach, the shared bath could precede a romantic dinner. Cooking together is fun - and a desire for a sweet dessert.

Everything is possible, nothing has to - the erotic bath for two

Creating a crackling, erotic atmosphere is the most important prerequisite for a bath for two to be remembered for a long time. In addition to candlelight, a glass of sparkling wine is also a good start for a hot night for many, but be careful: too much alcohol has a negative effect on libido.

One or two glasses of alcohol are stimulating, and couples planning a passionate night out should go for water. In addition to sparkling wine and candles, soft music in the background creates a sensual mood.

When the time comes and both partners can slide into the warm water, the main thing is to feel the mutual closeness and let yourself go. Anything that comes along comes naturally anyway. It is important not to put yourself under pressure:

Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. Couples who prefer to simply fall asleep after bathing should do so. Those who are overwhelmed by passion should simply enjoy it. It is about spending time together as a couple and giving space for the erotic to develop.

The shared bathroom at home or outside

Tip: There can be very good reasons why the bathroom at home is not the right place for an erotic bath for two. Alternatively, a weekend in a romantic wellness hotel is suitable to rekindle the passion in the relationship. Such a short trip is also a great birthday or Christmas gift for the partner and guarantees enthusiasm, because such a gesture proves that the relationship is important to the other.


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