Eroticism in everyday life

Which couple does not know this: In the hectic everyday life of the family, it often happens that father and mother take time for each other. The children rule everyday life. There is a lot to regulate and many women, like the man at their side, stand fully in their everyday work. Doesn't the tenderness, the warmth for each other, that each couple should give each other every day?

Eroticism in everyday life - showering together

Every physical closeness is the basis for a happy relationship. Why do we forget to remember this in everyday life and, above all, to live it out?

How eroticism is easy to integrate into everyday family life

Showering for two - © moodboard / Adobe Stock
Showering for two - © moodboard / Adobe Stock

There is not always a lack of time and freedom to exchange as a couple with caresses. The private bedroom is often used by the children which is not really equipped with a soundproof door.

In everyday life, it is often not possible to live out as a couple the eroticism that would be so important. In the evening we are too tired to spend our time together. Do not we have to get up so early the next day?

That is exactly why it makes sense to use the shared shower as a time of togetherness. Regardless of whether the couple takes a shower in the evening or in the morning: the shower can be really tingling.

It is important that no woman or man puts himself under pressure when he takes a shower with his partner.

Who does not know the saying: Everything can do, nothing must? It is often nice to soak each other in the towel, rub a sponge over your back while the water pours on the couple. Everyone should enjoy this moment and wait and see what happens.

Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. Erotic in the shower

Even if a shower often has to go fast: mother and father should go without pressure under the shower. Pressure is the erotic killer par excellence. Anyone who enjoys the shared shower with warmth and tenderness will be tempted or given an erotic kiss. That happens automatically.

Any couple who are naked facing each other, as the place of the shower allows, automatically gets very close. This closeness can provide the best ticket to sex. If you first take an intense inspiration with an inspiring fragrance gel, you will experience the pleasurable pleasure of being close. Do not we want to leave it to chance, what will happen?

Atmospheric preparation for the shared shower

Of course, you can design a shower so that it offers the right environment for the erotic. There are special experience showers that do not necessarily pound down on people from above. Those who are inspired from the side with a light jet of water enjoy the moment. There is no annoying water noise, an experience shower is versatile in the setting of the water jet.

Similarly, anyone can place an inspiring scent as a shower soap in the shower. Thus, any woman who drinks the partner moodily and vice versa, can fall into a mood of tenderness. Not for nothing is the saying: I want to smell the other good. Erotic scents inspire the couple to get close to the shower.

Who provides mood lighting in the bathroom, can inspire. Man and woman can so perfectly switch off from the stress of everyday life around the child and family.

Advantages of a shared shower

The advantage of having a pair of erotic senses in the shower is as follows: the sound of the pattering water protects against the perception of the outside world. The ritual of the shower does not have to be planned perfectly in advance. Who as a woman does not want to spontaneously join the partner in the shower? Which man does not appreciate when he gets visit from his naked wife? Spontaneity is trumps.

Each partner should enjoy the commonality and tenderness. What can arise from this? Everyone can see the initial tingle as an erotic entry ticket. But isn't it also wonderful to laugh together in the shower and just take time for each other again? The proximity of the shower cabin in the bathroom is ideal for this!

Passions spark new places

There may be reasons why the shower is not the ideal place for a gentle exchange. It is important to live out the passion in the relationship, no matter where. If you take the time for a weekend for two or a trip into nature, you can also discover new erotic places that inspire love life. It is important to be on the move without pressure and pressure.

Each couple is responsible for where and how they want to live out eroticism. Bet that every couple finds their individual passion?


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