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Fitness is in business, that's for sure. The "breakthrough" in Germany probably marked the "trim-you-move" of the 1970 years, since then, the commercialization of this trend is progressing more and more. But what exactly does this term refer to?

Find fitness balance

In general, this means the effort to do something for the physical and mental well-being. This is motivated by the desire to approach a balanced lifestyle to be able to better withstand the stresses of everyday life as well as to compensate for the physically often monotonous everyday office life.

Fitness at home

Scientifically proven that fitness-driving people reduce their health risks and increase their ability to concentrate, a higher life expectancy is statistically detectable. Since physical fitness can preventively prevent illnesses, corresponding offers are now funded by all statutory health insurance funds.

Since the term is not clearly defined, it can be interpreted quite differently by different people or interest groups. Relatively clearly, the meaning content can be differentiated from competitive sport and also from ambitious recreational sports, which puts the increase of the load limit in the focus of the activities, while the fitness-driving tends to see the goal in the way and does not strive for a constant shift of the performance limit.

Fitness through sports

There are several ways to keep yourself fit or physically fit. Following the general tendency towards individualization, especially those sports are popular that do not require association membership. Endurance sports, such as jogging, walking, swimming or cycling, have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Fit by Zumba
Fitness through sports

These sports have the advantage that the granted time window can be flexibly scheduled at any time - without incurring costs such as in the gym. But also courses that require a regular and time-bound participation, booming: Recently, the dance sport Zumba, in which dances to Latin American rhythms, a great boom, yoga or aerobics have a little longer boom.

Water aerobics, on the other hand, offers the possibility of a very effective training, but it is very gentle on the joints. For those who prefer to move around in their own home, there are gym exercises for home training - either as a video for the night or with the appropriate literature learnable. For every personal preference a sport should be found.

However, a few points have to be kept in mind for longtime sports muffle. It may be useful to have a previous health check, especially if the fitness-willing is older than 35 years.

A slow start is recommended, if possible under professional guidance and preferably several times a week in smaller units. Training breaks, even with minor injuries or other illnesses, must be strictly observed. The burden should also be age-appropriate. Three to four movement units of about 30 minutes per week are optimal, although less of course is still better than nothing.

An overly slavish hold on such, anyway individually varying, guideline values ​​contradicts the actual intention and builds pressure where it is to be dismantled.


An integral part of the fitness movement is the diet, which is partly explained by the fact that a targeted weight reduction often motivates. Last but not least, the food industry has also discovered a market with huge growth potential.

Healthy and cheerful through sports
Fitness through sports and healthy nutrition

There is no longer a product segment that would not advertise signal words like "fitness", "balance", "easy" or similar. Often, the customer is deliberately deceived, because designations of this kind are in no way protected and may be printed on almost any product. Thus, there is only a small selectivity to products from the dietary market sector.

On the other hand, a diet that is actually geared to physical fitness needs is primarily balanced. For example, a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake, as advocated in many dietary supplements, does not make sense, because a significant portion of energy needs are met from carbohydrates.

And this is especially important for the physically active, as these, in addition to fat and protein, are among the three main sources of energy. Restraint for the sake of fitness, however, is actually offered in confectionery and alcohol, also on average far more fats and oils are consumed than necessary.

Diversity is the number one priority in a fitness-oriented diet: a healthy mix of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, protein-containing dairy products (as well as meat, fish and eggs) and foods rich in carbohydrates such as cereals, pasta, potatoes or legumes.

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