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The foundation stone for later health is laid at a young age. It is all the more important to let children grow up with a healthy diet right from the start. If some basic rules are observed, children grow up alive and well.

Food choices for a healthy diet

In principle, the basic rules of healthy eating play an important role. For illustration purposes, a Food Pyramid to be helpful. All food groups are shown here, together with the recommended quantity.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating - © Dan Race / Adobe Stock

fruit and vegetables should be consumed in plenty. They contain vitamins and minerals that are very important for the immune system. Each child should eat three hands full of vegetables and two hands full of fruit per day. A small apple, for example, corresponds to one serving. Fruit and vegetable juices also count. A filled glass counts as one portion.

In the Cereal products Whole grain variants should be used. They contain fiber that saturates well and maintains the concentration phase for a long time. First, small amounts should be started so that the body gets used to it.

Very important are the milk and milkproducts. Since children need sufficient calcium and magnesium to strengthen their bones, especially during growth, a glass of milk should be drunk daily. Cheese, yogurt and other dairy products should also be on the menu every day.

meat and sausage should not be consumed too often. Two to three servings a week are sufficient if they are prepared with low fat.

Two bring variety fish meals per week. Fish contains healthy fats that children need.

treats are of course allowed as long as they are consumed in moderation. The amount that fits in a child's hand is sufficient per day.

The Drink should not be forgotten either. Mineral water, unsweetened teas and even mixed fruit juice spritzers are suitable.

Other things worth knowing

Children like foods like pizza, pasta with tomato sauce and fish fingers. If these dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables and low in fat, they can be eaten gladly. If children are allowed to prove themselves, it's fun and healthy eating is learned in a playful way. Funny faces made of vegetables add variety to the pizza.

In principle, children should help with cooking. They enjoy discovering new foods.

For example, smelling a fennel bulb is a good way to explore food with the senses. So guessing games offer. It tastes different foods and the child guesses what it can be. The playful way is often very well received.

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