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We don't know whether the term “homeschooling” was so much in focus before 2020. But no matter how you feel about it, regardless of whether it is online lessons or the daily dispatch of worksheets as learning material by email ...

Exercise sheets for primary school - homeschooling

... it has been shown how helpful it can be if, on the one hand, teachers have exercise sheets on hand that they can hand over or pass on to the pupils.

Exercise sheets elementary school - homeschooling | © Dan Race / Ado
Exercise sheets primary school - homeschooling | © Dan Race / Adobe Stock

On the other hand, these exercise sheets, which are available online, either help bridging your children a lesson-free time, but also help to work through the school content and to complete the homework.

When designing our exercise sheets, as with our coloring templates, we put a focus on child-friendly design. Many of our templates for elementary school children form a compromise between factual, sober exercise sheets and playful, age-appropriate sheets. Our range of exercise sheets for elementary schools is continuously being expanded and we are happy to take on your ideas for further documents.

Practice sheets for primary school

Clicking on a link opens the overview page with the selected lesson sheets:

Coloring Pages Numbers / Numbers 1- 10

Numbers and

Computing mandala primary school

Arithmetic mandalas

Mathematics exercises primary school - addition up to 50

Computing houses

Arithmetic triangle add up to 10

Arithmetic triangles

Arithmetic exercises larger - smaller - equal to 100

Greater than or less than

Number line to 20

Number line

Small multiplication table

The big multiplication table as a table

Large multiplication table

Learn times

Coloring page stop sign

Traffic signs

Template lion draw instructions

Art - learn to draw

Map of Asia to color

Geography - maps

Body of the woman and body of the man

Biology - education

Timetable princess


Mathematics cover sheet

Cover sheets for more order

Individual pages for teaching

The following templates are also suitable for classes in secondary schools. Clicking on a link opens the page with the selected lesson template:

Water cycle for children explained

Water cycle

Coloring page photosynthesis with german inscription


Template How to create a solar eclipse for labeling for schools

solar eclipse

Lunar eclipse template - How does a lunar eclipse develop?

Lunar eclipse

16 states of Germany

Germany federal states

Coloring page Arguing and getting along

Arguing - tolerating / disputing

Moon phases - full moon, new moon and everything in between

moon phases

Skeleton of a human

Skeleton of a human

In which direction does the last gear turn?

In which direction does the gear turn?

The nine point problem with solution

Nine points problem

How many triangles do you see?

How many triangles are here

Riddle - In which direction does the bus travel?

Which direction is the bus going in?

Coloring page How does the chicken get into the egg

Chicken, egg and chick life cycle

Exercise sheet physical states of water

Physical states of water

Face and body worksheet

Get to know your face and body


Are you looking for more templates for elementary school students? Do you have specific ideas for a completely new learning template? We are happy to try to implement your ideas and concepts. Or do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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