How to paint ...? How to draw ...

How do you paint a cat, a dog, a unicorn? Others can sign so well, but I do not know how to do that. Learn how to draw with our step by step instructions.

How do you paint ... how should I start?

How to paint ..?
How to draw dogs, cats or unicorns?

Not only children, when you start to get creative, but adults also keep asking themselves, how do you paint this and that?

Where do I start? What are the first steps? As with most things, drawing is not that difficult if you just start.

Here are simple instructions for getting started.

We recommend to start the drawings with a pencil, because according to our instructions sometimes strokes must be removed again.

Click on the link to open the respective page with the instructions.

How to draw a dog

How to draw a duck

How to paint a unicorn

Drawing a cat

How to draw a rose

Draw dogs

Would you like to learn to draw something else?

Please contact us, we are happy to offer you a guide for a motif of your choice. We can also try to create a coloring page for a motif of your choice.

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