A wise quote from Joachim Ringelnatz is: "Humor is the button that prevents one's collar from bursting." With a modicum of humor, you can always make a positive difference in your life and some difficult situations with a smile, or more often with a hearty laugh, to master.

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As a rule, our little ones laugh much more often and more from infancy than adults. The everyday problems can even freeze the smile.

Teenagers make soap bubbles
Pictures with funny sayings

It is proven that laughter is healthy and promotes positive thinking. Even if it seems that there is no reason to laugh at the moment, it is worth a try.

Pulling the corners of your mouth wide and up, smiling, or even opening your mouth and knocking out gurgling sounds, does the soul a great deal. Who has not experienced that he stands in front of his own reflection and looks at each other grimly.

As soon as the laughing muscles are tense, the face lights up and looks much friendlier. A happy person acts on others automatically beautiful and sympathetic. In addition, it is proven that even an artificially induced smile immediately leads to a better mood. Therefore, it is important to never lose the humor and to get used to positive thinking and ample laughter for a better quality of life.

Humor and fun for kids and adults

Pictures with funny sayings

Pictures with funny sayings

Do you want to laugh again? Browse our collection of funny pictures with witty sayings!

Laughter is the best medicine

German idioms translated funny in English

Denglisch (he) humor but you can only understand as a native German speaker. German phrases literally translated.

Sheep and lawnmower wit

Sheep and lawnmower wit

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