In which direction does the gear turn - puzzle

A popular puzzle classic for years with the question of which direction the gears are turning.

In which direction does the last gear turn?

Which direction does the big wheel turn when the first wheel in the upper left is turned clockwise? Clicking on the picture opens the template in pdf format:

In which direction does the gear turn?
In which direction does the gear turn?


Gears task as a graphic in large format


Solution help:

If gears turn directly into one another, the second gear rotates in the opposite direction.

What happens when the gears are connected by chains? Similar to a bicycle, the second gear rotates with a straight chain in the same direction. Are the gears with a chain cross connected, the second gear then rotates again in the opposite direction to the previous gear. And if you've been careful, you can now solve the riddle too.

Tip: draw the direction in which it rotates next to each gearwheel, so you can simply start all over again if you have "lost the thread".


Display the solution as a PDF document

Solution gears as a graphic in large format


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