Intimate jewelry - genital piercing erotic

Intimate jewelry is made up of two important words that can be interpreted individually. So intimate means, depending on the ethnicity, not just the region that is hidden in our briefs or boxer shorts. The word intimate implies the decision of how close I let a person I am familiar or unfamiliar to make physical contact with.

Intimate jewelry in the course of time

And yes, of course this relates to the respective genital in connection with our topic. Including the hair down to the buttocks!

Intimate jewelry in the form of genital piercing
Intimate jewelry in the form of genital piercing - © Stefan Redel / Adobe Stock

Jewelry is also a term that is common. But its value is in the eye of the beholder or is evaluated according to functionality.

We find the origin of genital jewelry as early as the second century. It was particularly widespread in Southeast Asia and with a predominantly traditional background. Seafarers brought this fashion to Europe in the late 19th century. Here she experienced a brief hype in the upper class. Intimate jewelry experienced a reunion in the second decade of the 21st century.

With emancipation and a consciously lived sexuality, intimate jewelry takes on a new meaning. So the wearer not only wants an individualization of his gender, but also an increase in pleasure in physical love.

How and where is intimate jewelry worn?

In women, wearing intimate jewelry increases their own physical pleasure, and a pierced penis can increase both pleasure. The most popular variations among women are piercing the clitoral hood and wearing jewelry on the outer and inner labia.

On the other hand, men naturally show a greater variability in terms of places, as well as more sonorous variants. In addition to the penis, the scrotum, the penis attachment, as well as piercing the urethra through the upper penis wall.

Material and hygiene

When choosing a piece of jewelry, great importance should be attached to the be placed. Titan, high-quality gold and platinum are well tolerated, insensitive and anti-allergenic.

She also plays intimate hygiene an overriding role. The most important criterion starts with the selection of the studio and thus with a piercer of your trust. Because the first contact and the expression of your wish is an intimacy that should be based on trust.

This means an explanation of the procedure including pre- and aftercare, as well as advice on the chosen piece of jewelry itself.

Selection of intimate jewelry

The choice of jewelry is based on shape, size and color to suit every taste and function. The carrier should get detailed information in advance. There are hardly any limits to the optics.

Genital beading takes sexual sensation to a new level. Ball-shaped implants are becoming increasingly popular in combination with visual piercing.

If you also decide to wear piercing, it is no longer just a trend. Wearing intimate jewelry is a personalization of your sexuality and proves individuality and the love for yourself.

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