Can you go to the opera with children?

Can you go to the opera with children, and if so, from what age? Parents who are not averse to classical music in particular often ask themselves this question. Regardless of the current corona situation. Because that's how you support the cultural institutions.

Can you go to the opera with children?

When you can go to the opera with a child depends primarily on how long the child can sit still and listen. That is certainly different for every child.

Going to the opera with children
Going to the opera with children - image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

Many opera houses or a large number of specialized organizers have children's operas such as Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck in their program, especially in the cooler season and especially at Christmas time.

There are also special family shows. The opera Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is also suitable as an introductory opera for children thanks to the funny Papageno and the sometimes cheerful music.

With children in the opera - what to watch out for

If you want to go to the opera with smaller children (Hansel and Gretel is also interesting for five-year-olds), you should buy tickets early and either opt for a place very close to the front (if necessary, you can leave the performance without causing a stir) or but choose a seat directly in front of the orchestra pit.

From here the children not only have the best view of the stage, but they can also watch the musicians during the performance. Before going to the opera with children, it is advisable to discuss the plot of the opera, as children often do not understand the lyrics sung.

You can also read the most important arias together beforehand, some of the texts can even be found on the Internet.

Very important: eYou nothing. Don't be disappointed if your children find the music awful. Studies have shown that the feeling for the beauty of music is shaped in childhood.

If you regularly go to the opera with children or let them listen to classical music, one day the sense of classical music will come.

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