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As soon as you enter one of the Caribbean islands, you will be greeted with music and flower wreaths at the airport with Merenge, reggae or salsa, and you will immediately feel the lightness emanating from the people. If you are looking for paradise on earth, then you no longer have to search, you have found it here.

What you should definitely see in the Caribbean

We are happy to put together a few sights, so that you can take home in addition to the absolute relaxation and well-being factor and the culture of the country in memory a piece.

Here are some tips on what you should definitely see in the Caribbean.

Vacation in the Caribbean
Vacation in the Caribbean - (c)

On the islands, of course, it is the kilometer-long, white powder-sand beaches that not only invite you to sunbathe, but also serve for long walks or jogging routes. They are absolutely among the most beautiful islands in the world. The warm, clean, turquoise sea and its corals, fish and animal species appear completely untouched.

For us Europeans, this seemingly untouched nature is a very special experience in which we want to immerse ourselves with heart and soul. This is how Robinson Crusoe must have felt back then when he stranded on a lonely island off South America and got to know a completely new and unique world of flora and fauna.

You should also visit the Caribbean-style villages and towns. Nowhere else in the world are these uniqueness of colors, these exotic scents and this invigorating cheerful music style all in one place. On some islands, the natural parks are to be found as attractions of the Caribbean, whose beauty has been largely preserved.

Historically, you can learn a lot about the islands in the museums. The various hotels and tourist agencies on the islands also offer bus tours that cover all of the island's sights. So you don't have to rack your brains and just let the guide drive you and learn so much more about the island, its inhabitants and sights. It is also advisable not to drive your own car on the islands. Even as an experienced driver, the following rules apply here than in European countries.
Follow our tips for a relaxed trip and don't miss out on the sights in the Caribbean.

The weather of the Caribbean during the year

It's always summer in the Caribbean because all the Caribbean islands are in the tropics. The climate of the Caribbean differs slightly from island to island. While the climate in the Lesser Antilles is very constant throughout the year, it fluctuates slightly in the Greater Antilles. The trade winds help to reduce the heat to a bearable level. In general, it can be said that the temperatures on the islands that are higher up decrease. In the lee of the mountains, however, it rains less. Therefore, there is significantly more rainfall in the east than in the west.

In Cuba, for example, it is unbearably hot in the east in the summer, while in the higher regions of Jamaica, for example in the Blue Mountains, it can often get very cold.

Those who travel to the Caribbean should also know that this is in a hurricane zone. Tropical storms often build up over the warm seawater and cause considerable damage accompanied by heavy precipitation.

The season for hurricanes is between June to November, but reaches its peak in September. Not all islands are hit by these storms every year. Those who want to avoid a hurricane during their vacation should travel to the southernmost areas, which are usually the safest.
As temperatures are usually exotic 27 degrees C throughout the year, the first point in answering the question "What do you wear in the Caribbean?" Is quickly answered. They usually only need light cotton clothing. Ie, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, tops. Revealed clothing and bathing suits are only suitable on the beach. Topless or nude bathing is prohibited on all islands.

Since you certainly do not want to run around as a cancer during your holiday, you should not forget the sunscreen in any case. No matter what clothes you wear. Because you definitely want to ask: "What do you wear in the Caribbean? "Not with:" red skin "answer. Due to the sometimes strong winds, you do not notice the intensity of the sun's rays, as they also have a cooling effect at 27 degree C. Also a suitable sun hat is recommended here.

Since most buildings are equipped with air conditioning, you should always have a jacket, despite the tropical warmth. Finally, you do not want to spend your holiday with a cold, but enjoy endless.

In the evening you should, especially in luxury hotels or if you have booked a Caribbean cruise on a luxury steamer, also elegant clothing can conjure. Jackets, long pants etc. are recommended here.

Jamaica - country, people and music

Do you remember the movie Dirty Dancing? Probably the best-known dance film about Caribbean music and its dances. Also, you will be greeted shortly after landing at the Caribbean airports with Caribbean music. The anticipation of an eventful nice vacation will increase even more. They are full of zest for life and their "Boppes" will not be able to stand still with the sweeping and hot rhythms, the music of the Caribbean.

music diversity

The music of the Caribbean not only spreads instant holiday mood, good humor and life friends, but is also diverse in its kind. African slaves have left their mark as well as English, French or Dutch colonial rulers or Spanish conquerors.


With fiery rhythms and sensual movements the salsa attracts music. There is hardly anyone who does not want to move immediately after this rhythm. Not for nothing, here in Germany again the dance schools are full to learn this dance style. It is probably the most famous music in the Caribbean.

Music of the Caribbean

It emerged from the mixing of African drums and the music of the European colonial rulers. For example, the guitar has the recognition value in Spanish guitar songs of flamenco.

The Cuban Son came to the USA through the refugees and emigrants under Fidel Castro's regime. This inspired New York salsa. A real boom is triggered. Who doesn't know at least one hit by the band Buena Vista Social Club.

Mambo / ChaChaCha

Through the possibilities of traveling in 20. In the 19th century these sounds mixed even more with the Latin American sounds from South America and the country music of the USA. New sounds were created, like the mambo or the cha-cha-cha.


He comes from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. They are known and loved for these hot carnival sounds.


As typical music of the Caribbean, we also refer to reggae, which originated in Jamaica. Bob Marley, who passed away with 1981, for example, instantly associates this style.

But also current superstars come from the Caribbean, such as Rihanna of Barbados. She mixes again current sounds with Soca, Reggae and Dancehall.

These were just a few of the many styles that you will receive on the Caribbean islands. Because where is it not more authentic to listen to this music and to move rhythmically to the sounds than at a sunset on the white powder sand beach at a trendy beach bar with a view of palm trees and the sea on one of these paradisiacal Barcadi advertising islands.

Barbados to feel good

The easternmost island of the island chain is Barbados. The island chain of the Lesser Antilles is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados is not of volcanic origin, like the other islands, but has emerged from a limestone ridge.

Barbados was discovered in 1536 by the Portuguese Pedro Campos. The drooping roots of the fig trees, reminiscent of beards, gave the island its name. The name Barbados translates as "bearded".

The most beautiful beach in the whole Caribbean is Bottom Bay in Barbados. The sights of Barbados can be found in the capital Bridgetown. The historic old town and the garrison area are particularly worth a visit.
Especially the St. Nicholas Abbey, the oldest building in Barbados, which has been around since the 16th century, is a great sight that will fascinate you.

The tropical rainforest, which previously covered almost the entire island, has now been taken over by sugar cane plantations and cultivated land. Today there are still almost 18 hectares of tropical forest.

The wildlife of Barbados is dominated by monkeys, rabbits, lizards and mangoes. The leatherback turtles, which only rise out of the sea at night, lay their eggs in the white powder sand in April and May. But you can also admire hummingbirds, herons and seagulls here.

The locals, the Barbadians call themselves Bayans. The language used in everyday life is predominantly Bayan and comes from English. The language is unmistakably provided with a Creole dialect. The official language is English.

The inhabitants are for the most part the descendants of African slaves. Indians, Chinese and mulattos make up only a small part of the population.
Many residents live in the capital Bridgetown and the suburbs. But the locals can also be found on the south and west coasts and in the tourist centers.

The climate of the island is a humid tropical climate. There is little temperature variation in Barbados. Temperatures vary between 24 and 30 degrees.

The population of Barbados amounts to 290 000 people, more than half of whom live in Bridgetown. Most of the locals are blacks. The vernacular is Baja, English with a dialect. The official language is English. Most of the locals are Christians.

The Barbados economy has always been the cultivation, processing and marketing of sugarcane. Today, tourism is the largest component of income in Barbados. Barbados is quite wealthy compared to other Caribbean countries. The social and health care system is well-developed. Due to the lack of jobs created by the landowners, many young people are moving abroad.

Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago

The southern Caribbean islands lie just off the north coast of Venezuela and belong to the Lesser Antilles. Because of their character, they are divided into the East and West groups. The two islands offer two completely different characters. The beaches on Trinidad are very busy. Trinidad is always celebrated.

In contrast, the island of Tobago is a quiet and contemplative island and offers every visitor pure relaxation. The capital of the archipelago is Port of Spain with its wonderful harbor, it is the gateway to South America.

The island of Trinidad

Columbus was the discoverer of the island of Trinidad. In 1498 he entered the country on the south coast. The Indians, the Arawaks from South America, lived in Trinidad at that time. With over 4800 square kilometers, Trinidad is the larger of the two islands. The highest mountain in the island state rises more than 900 m in height. In the north, the island offers tropical rainforests and in the south you will find cultural landscapes.

The Tobago Islands

The island of Tobago is with almost 40 km length, 12 km width and 3000 square kilometers the smaller of the two archipelagos. Also on Tobago you will be offered an interesting picture. The mountains are heavily overgrown here. The highest mountain is about 576 m. A sandy and shallow area can be found in the southwest, on the other hand, the northern side is rocky and shows between the coasts again and again single sandy bays.
A nature reserve has existed since the 18th century. Countless wonderful exotic birds and many other animals live here.

The beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are famous for their calypso and soca music styles, which were created through a fascinating mix of Hindu-Muslim and Chinese elements. they are the favorite destinations of Caribbean vacationers. The wonderful stretches of coast are worth a trip.

The highlight of the year on Trinidad is certainly the carnival, a celebration that reflects the zest for life of the inhabitants. The populous Trinidad has a diverse nature with mountain rain forests, coastal marshes and a rich flora and fauna produced. Tobago on the other hand attracts tourists with beautiful beaches in small, picturesque bays. Protected jungles invite you to hike. The small islands around the beaches on Trinidad Tobago invite water sports enthusiasts who can also explore the colorful underwater world.

One of the most visited bays in Tobago is the Great Courland Bay, which is also called the bay of leatherback turtles. When the sun is long gone, the turtles come out of the sea and bury their clutches in the powder sand.

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