Cats as pets

Cats are loyal friends, very cuddly, do not need a walk in the aisle and can be alone without any worries. Not least because of that, they are among the most popular pets ever.

Cats as pets

For a happy coexistence of humans and cats must already be clarified in advance a lot. The following questions should be asked before buying a cat:

Cats as pets
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1. Can I always bear the feed and veterinary costs?
2. Does my apartment / house offer enough space for a cat?
3. Am I tolerant enough of scratches on my interior caused by cats?
4. Do I bother with cat hair and the smell of the litter box at home?
5. Do all family members agree?
6. Who will take care of the cat when it goes on vacation?
7. Can I take a vacation for the first two weeks after the arrival of the new family member in order to properly acclimate the animal?
8. Cats live on average 20 years old. Can I make sure that I will be responsible for the animal for as long?

Take time to answer these questions and make sure that you can meet the needs of a cat in the long term.

Cats are character heads

Cats have a very distinctive character. What we particularly appreciate about cats is their preference for cuddles and pats. We must not ignore the idiosyncratic character.

They only cuddle when they want to. No cat can be persuaded to cuddle. A cat's reaction to compulsion is clear: it scratches, it hisses, it ruffles its fur, or it runs away.

If you want to become the master of a cat, then you have to be tolerant of its nature. What a cat wants and doesn't want can be seen in its body language.

Children and cats - that's how it works

In principle, nothing stands in the way of living with children. Cats turn out to be real buddies, give comfort and have a calming effect on our little ones. It is important to convey to your own children that cats are no substitute for stuffed animals. Your children need to understand that a cat has a will of its own and only does what it wants.

To properly understand the nature of a cat, the children are preferably already at school age. That is not a condition. Just be a good role model for your child in dealing with the new pet. Explain the body language of cats and always make sure that your children do not become overbearing.

Children who treat a cat with respect and love find in it a true and faithful friend. They learn to take care of others, which will help them not least in their own development.

Through small tasks, such as cleaning the litter box, your child learns to take responsibility. It also understands that in addition to the fun that goes with a cat, it also needs care and attention and also that sometimes you have to do unpleasant things. If your child takes care of it, the new pet will give your child much joy and fun.

Don't let boredom arise!

As is known, cats love to sleep, to build themselves into cozy caves and to eat. This does not mean that the needs of this animal are met by a long way. But you have to be kept busy. They love to chase things and some find pleasure in learning tricks.

The urge for fun and movement is very similar to that of the children. In that sense, a cat is the ideal friend for your child.

However, if you notice that your cat seems restless despite being sufficiently occupied and perhaps even prone to destructiveness, you should consider getting a second cat. Boredom makes cats unhappy. A partner from within our own ranks can help. Don't forget the idiosyncratic character of your pet. Not every cat gets along with every other cat. They are and will remain characters. When merging, you should therefore proceed particularly carefully and plan a lot of time.

Attention toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease that is especially feared by pregnant cat owners. Because the pathogen responsible for the disease, which bears the name Toxoplasma gondii, infects the domestic cat in various infection cycles. Within the infection cycles, it can also be transmitted to humans. For pregnant women and their unborn, for persons with a weakened immune system, for babies, toddlers and the elderly, this represents a high health risk because late effects can occur.

Toxoplasmosis risks in pregnancy

Women who have already gone through a toxoplasmosis infection have antibodies against the pathogen. Toxoplasmosis probably does not pose a threat to them. Otherwise, the infection is particularly dangerous in the first two thirds of pregnancy, as it can lead to miscarriages and considerable damage to the unborn child. For example, heart, lung or brain damage can occur. Immediate treatment of the infected mother is urgently required so that the long-term effects can be contained. This takes place through targeted long-term therapy until the end of pregnancy.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis

In order to minimize the risk of infection, you should avoid consuming raw meat and offal. Cat owners must ensure that the animals do not have direct access to stables. Regular cleaning of the litter box and the harmless removal of the faeces ensure that any infection cycles are interrupted. When keeping cats, overall hygiene must be observed.

This includes the regular disinfection of the cat sleeping area and its surroundings. In addition, they should never have access to food. After petting the animal, hand washing is necessary. Cats should not be allowed to sleep in their owners' beds. Children in particular should be taught these rules of conduct as early as possible.


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