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Pour candles It's not hard at all. Now that autumn is coming and the dark season is slowly approaching, the best time to find out and collect materials is.

What do you need to pour candles?

Old candles from the previous year can be picked out and processed. Still are even poured candles wonderful gifts. Candles stand for hope and faith, for peace and devotion. Can you give something better than that? Certainly not.

Coloring page birthdayEven kids can with a bit of help and under the supervision of parents already Pour candles - and give the kinship richly.

To candles to pour himselfYou do not really need much. First, you need a clean tin or a special container for candle making.

You can buy this in most craft stores. No matter what you use, the container must be clean and dry.

Furthermore, you have to drill a hole for the wick in the bottom. Of course, wick is also essential if you are Pour candles yourself would like to. Wick can also be bought in the craft shop or in the hardware store. Then there are shashlik sticks, pots for the water bath, raw candle wax and material for decorating. Here is suitable for even poured candles Deco wax or decorative foil.

How do you pour candles yourself? The preparation!

First you thread at candle making insert the wick through the hole in the bottom of the vessel. This works best if you dip it in hot wax first. So that he does not slip, he is knotted and glued outside with decorative wax. Attention: Later, top and bottom are reversed, be sure to thread the wick correctly. So that the wick of the self-poured candle later, it is tied to a shish kebab and put it across the vessel.

At the same time you can put a pot of water on it and place a smaller pot with the wax in it. So to speak, a candle water bath! However, the water must not boil. If necessary, measure with a thermometer. A temperature around sixty degrees is quite sufficient. Old candle remnants should be crushed beforehand, plus you have to remove the old wick completely.

How do you pour candles? That's how it's done!

If the wax is liquid, it is poured into the candle vessel in several processes. Aluminum foil as a base offers itself, since this possibly catching out running wax immediately catches. It is best to check once again whether the wick is firmly adhered to the underside. At the candle making it is important to proceed slowly. Always wait until the wax has cooled down a little before adding new water. A rest wax please at candle making hold back, because often forms around the wick when cooling a hollow. The can then be filled with the residual wax.

After cooling, loosen the knot of the wick and remove the clay from the underside of the candle. At the other end, the wick can simply be cut off. So that the self-poured candle better solved, you can put them in the fridge. The wick ends can be shortened at the end, with the upper end should be one centimeter. Finished is the self-cast candle.

Tips and tricks for candle casting

For decorating you can get great suggestions on the Internet. Also in books about that candle making find beautiful ideas. You want Pour layered candles, it’s actually quite simple. For this you have to melt different colors individually, so you need as many water baths as colors.


These are poured on top of each other as above, only here the lower layer has to be cooled even better. If you want decorative effects with sand or pebble, you can dip the candle holder in the desired material beforehand. However, this method is not suitable for beginners and requires a lot of tact!

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