Children and the fear of syringes

Many people are very scared of getting an injection. This fear is very widespread, especially among young children, so that a visit to the family doctor can be a very stressful day for the parents if the offspring struggles with hands and feet against receiving the injection.

The fear of an injection

Afraid of the syringe - picture by Angelo Esslinger on Pixabay

For many children, syringes are a real nightmare, which is why in some cases it is anything but easy to calm the child down when he is sitting in the doctor's office and is about to have an injection. It is often extremely helpful if the doctor is good with children and knows exactly how to calm the child down.

Many doctors try to distract patients a little when they are supposed to have an injection, because doctors are of course aware that many people, and especially children, fear injections.

For example, some doctors try to engage the child in a conversation to give the child the injection without them even noticing the administration. There are also a few things parents can do to help relieve their child's fear of injections.

Something positive after the doctor visit in prospect

Fear of an injection is common in children, and many parents are faced with this problem. Sometimes it is not easy to take the child's fear. This is especially true if the child has already had bad experiences in this area.

However, there are several little tricks that can help make the upcoming doctor's visit a little more enjoyable for the child. For example, it is possible to give the child a positive experience, such as visiting an ice cream parlor, if the child gives the injection without a major theater.

However, this does not always work, because there are children who are simply too afraid of an injection. In these cases, it makes sense to point out to the doctor that the child is feeling fear. The doctor may have an idea how to relieve the fear of the injection. Basically, it is an advantage if it is made clear to the child at an early stage that it is simply necessary from time to time to get an injection from the doctor.

Failure to overcome the fear of injections can result in the child holding the fear for life. Of course, it makes sense not to let it get that far in the first place. So it is good if parents find a way to take their child's fear away. The doctor can certainly help in some way.

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