Children and the fascination of large vehicles

There are moments when children's eyes grow big. This certainly includes the moment when a very large fire engine drives through the street and maybe just at that moment little boys decide their career aspirations.

The fascination of big cars

You really want to become a firefighter. Of course, this career aspiration can change umpteen times over the years - until it is really time to go into the profession - as it will certainly be in most cases.

fascination with large vehicles
fascination with large vehicles. Image by Daren Mehl from Pixabay

However, if we ask around a little among today's firefighters, one or the other story could start with this fire truck that drove through the street back then.

It might look similar with the really big trucks that you keep seeing on motorways or country roads. Many a driver's cab has the appearance of a living room.

But that is clear, because professional drivers on long-distance journeys are often on the road for several days and of course want to be comfortable when they are not driving. For some of them, the truck driver's dream began in childhood.

Of course, this is not just about the big googly eyes of the kiddies when a huge car drives by. Papa's eyes also sometimes look wistfully after an old car, the so-called oldtimer. The typical American muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang make many a dad's heart beat faster, especially because it is ultimately about the powerful sound of a V8 engine.

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In addition to all these vehicles for the road or construction site, you will of course also find vehicles that move on the water. The variety here ranges from very small rubber dinghies to the great, larger sailing ships to the really large cruise ships. For some people, there is nothing better than standing on a ship and looking out at the open sea. It is said that this gives you the feeling of limitless freedom.

People probably had a similar feeling of freedom when they began to travel on the first railways. You could reach destinations much more quickly, much further away. Of course, with a bit of luck, you could catch a glimpse of the open sea here, but it was more the vast savannas and other landscapes that made people here wander into the distance.

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