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Our daily life presupposes, in principle, that we can read and write, but without it being vital for survival. Everywhere we are surrounded by writings that want to inform us more or less. Even children notice that very early, because they are by nature curious and inquisitive, but they themselves can not do much with the many letters and words for a long time.

Why are children's books and reading important?

However, reading does not always mean reading yourself. This also includes the reading aloud, which should begin well before school or even shortly after birth.

Read aloud and read children's books together
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The sooner you start reading aloud, the sooner you can solidify your habits and rituals. Reading becomes automatically a very essential and natural part of life. The more natural reading is for children in everyday life, the greater the chance that they will later become good readers.

A basic requirement of reading is children's ability to listen. This develops already in the first months of life, because in this period already the basis for the language is laid.

Children's books can be a great help in developing the language. This already starts with the first picture books. By sharing images with additional comments, explanations or stories, the learning process begins. This has already laid the foundation for later reading. This will be further developed as time goes by, as the lyrics gradually become longer and the images fade into the background.

Why children's books?

In addition to the development of language, children's books simultaneously promote general education right from the start. This already starts with the first picture books by first showing and explaining simple objects. By now, there are suitable children's books for every reading age and almost every topic, which also explain larger relationships in easy-to-understand language and through additional illustration.

As soon as children start to read themselves, they have access to special children's books. These are often divided into books for first readers or for a specific reading age. The font size and the text are adapted to the respective age. However, it is important that reading should be considered as natural as possible even in this phase of life and that earlier rituals, such as reading aloud before falling asleep, do not stop suddenly, but are newly integrated.

Children's books are therefore not only important for learning to read and write. They are also an important part of early childhood development.

Being able to read also helps with math

Reading meaningfully means reading a text and understanding it at the same time. In the first year of school, children are given the tool on the way, letters or words are spoken, written and finally read. Of course, this starts word for word.

Some children can already grasp every sentence - word for word - meaningfully at this time, but others find it difficult to do so. Rarely is there really a partial failure, which must be treated. Otherwise, it is sufficient to train meaningful reading with the child.

How important this is, parents note at the latest when it comes to mathematics in word assignments. For how should these be resolved quickly and correctly if the child can read the sentences, but does not or only after the third reading understands what he should do?

Practice meaningful reading on simple texts

Start practicing meaningful reading with simple, short texts that you will increase over time. You can also read a special children's book section by section - whatever the child likes and arouses their interest is allowed. First, let the child roughly tell what he has read. You can then ask questions about the text that increase in difficulty over time. Sometimes questions like Who help? How? Why? Where? When? To read a text in a more meaningful way. Over the course of the weeks, you can also increase the amount of text so that entire chapters can be read at the end. The important thing is: Don't overwhelm your child, otherwise they may lose their desire to read forever!

Reading meaningfully means reading a text and understanding it at the same time. In the first year of school, children are given the tool on the way, letters or words are spoken, written and finally read. Of course, this starts word for word. Some children can already read every sentence - word for word - meaning comprehensively at this point, but others find it difficult. Rarely is there a partial performance disorder that needs to be treated. Otherwise, it is enough to practice reading with the child. Parents will realize how important this is when it comes to math problems in math. Because how should these be solved quickly and correctly if the child can read the sentences aloud, but does not understand what to do or only after the third reading?

And what about adult reading?

If there are no opportunities for employment due to the bad weather outside, this is a good opportunity to pick up a book again. Not only long winter evenings are predestined to forget the stressful everyday life with a good story. Whether you expand your knowledge with specialist reading or immerse yourself in a fantasy world with a novel - reading is good and good for you.

Five good reasons why reading is worthwhile

Reading is relaxing

As you browse through a good book, your well-being increases. A cozy atmosphere, for example in the bathtub or on the couch, supports this in addition. Reading is a great way to banish negative thoughts.

Reading triggers feelings of happiness

Anyone who delves into an exciting reading for a certain amount of time flees from reality and the worries often associated with it. What a blessing for our soul! Lonely people feel less alone in these moments because they feel connected to the characters and story that occur in the book. This process has a positive effect on one's own mood.

Reading decelerates

Every day we are exposed to a flood of information. Our brain has to process many new impressions. The modern man has to be able to do several things in everyday life at the same time. As we read, we focus exclusively on one topic, can fully focus on it and enjoy the moment.

Reading conveys knowledge

The fact that reading is an undisputed fact. Quite automatically, you pick up knowledge while reading. Both general education and spelling and the sense of language improve.

Reading makes you attractive

No, you will not get a nicer body by reading. The fact is that a reading person never runs out of conversation. This can be useful both in private life and in the job. Anyone who can talk about interesting topics that he has recently read will quickly make new contacts.

What is better - the good old book or the modern tablet?

More and more readers are using digital variants such as tablets or eBook readers to read books. But even the book made of paper still has many fans. These describe the reading of a classic book as a special experience, no matter whether it is about the opening and closing of the work or turning the pages.

They hold something in their hands, and that can be really hard depending on the size of the story. For some an advantage, for others not.

Which variant is ultimately the best depends on the personal taste. Digital devices have the advantage that they are lightweight and can store several books in it.

If the device has Internet access, you can easily access other information media such as online newspapers or blogs. In addition, films can be viewed and other interactive content used. But if you do not want to miss the classic reading pleasure, you can also fall back on a variety of interesting books.

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