Simple child question and no answer

Why mom? Dad, why ...? Do you know these supposedly simple questions from children to the things of everyday life, to which one spontaneously but then has no answer?

Typical children's questions and their answers

Here are short and easy answers to the most common questions from our children!

Why do zebras have stripes?

"Mom, why do zebras have stripes?" My daughter asks after the last visit to the zoo.

Zebra coloring page"Well," I push around, "so that they recognize each other better. No two zebra are the same. "That's true, I've read that at least once.

Nevertheless, I inform myself a little more thoroughly and find out that the question why zebras have stripes has been debated for decades. So I'm not alone with my ignorance.

The main theories of why zebras have streaks are, besides the recognition of the animals among themselves, the following: The streaks would help to regulate the body temperature or would be especially good in hot air and the resulting heat haze in the arid areas a particularly good camouflage. Moreover, when the animals are standing together in a herd, because individual animals blur completely.

The solution is probably, albeit not 100 percent confirmed, much easier. Why zebras have stripes is because they are better protected from tsetse fly attacks. They can transmit dangerous diseases. The compound eyes of the tsetse fly make it impossible for her to see zebras.

Why zebras have stripes is therefore not a whim of nature, but probably a self-protection developed over centuries, as the animals are also home to particularly flies in the regions. The only question now is whether this can also be applied to other insects and whether we should brush in the summer against the annoying mosquitoes just black and white striped once.

Other typical questions from children

  1. Why does squeaking cause goose bumps
  2. Where does the snow come from?
  3. How do the strips get into the toothpaste?
  4. Does bad light break your eyes when reading?
  5. How do you get thunder and lightning?
  6. Why do we have an Advent wreath?
  7. Why do we get hot from spicy food?
  8. Why do we turn yellow with envy?
  9. Why is it thirteen right now?
  10. Does time go by faster when you are older?
  11. Why do we get thirsty from eating cookies?
  12. Why do wind turbines have three blades?
  13. Why is it dark at night?
  14. Why does foliage become colorful in autumn and fall down?
  15. How many stars are there?
  16. How do whales sleep?
  17. How do ventriloquists speak?
  18. How do I behave correctly during a thunderstorm?
  19. Who invented the money?
  20. Where do our numbers come from?
  21. How do bees make beeswax?


Do you have any further questions from children. We are happy to include these questions in our overview! Contact us.

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