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The days are counted, the hours seem endless, the excitement increases and the waiting becomes a test of patience. Children's birthday is the best day of the year. Unlike Christmas or other holidays, this is all about them.

Children's birthday - the best day for your child!

And we also celebrate on this special day that there is our child. Our goal as parents is that this special moment remains in positive memory.

Children's games
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We wish you bright eyes, laughter and happy surprise. We want to experience something unforgettable and beautiful with our child that we can think back together for a long time. We parents wish us a birthday that appeals to our child and suits him.

There are a variety of ways in which the best day of the year can be duly celebrated.

When planning the children's birthday place the interests of the child in the foreground

When planning, the preferences of our child should play a crucial role. After all, it's the main character on this special day.

A good possibility for this is a so-called theme party. Here, either the parents or the child themselves select a theme, after which the celebration is designed. This theme runs like a red thread through the festival: napkins, tablecloths, pennant chains, balloons, mugs, plates, invitations, cake decoration, games - everything is tailored precisely to the motto.

If, for example, the daughter wishes to have a princess party, one could consider dressing up the children at the children's birthday party and organizing a "court ball".

If the son is a big fan of dinosaurs, he will surely be delighted to find dino pictures on drinking cups, dinosaur gifts for his guests or a Pinhata that looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There are no limits to fantasy and creativity

Imagine the reaction of your child when she sees the decorated room and the coffee table and discovers his favorite characters. If your child knows exactly "All this has been done just for me.".

The birthday party is often longer in the memory of the child than the actual gift. And we, as parents, can make this day special with a little attention to detail.

Children's birthday is almost the best day of the year for the little ones. No wonder it is the parents' biggest goal to make this day as beautiful and extraordinary as possible. With a successful children's party, the happiness of the birthday child stands and falls.

Theme parties on children's birthday parties

Clicking on a link opens the page with the selected theme party:

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fairytale Party

Children's birthday party without stress

Popular classics are a must anyway. But parents like to present something completely new that no one of the guests knows yet. So that you can fully concentrate on the further planning such as guest list and time, we have compiled for you the most popular, funniest and most adventurous games and tips for the event children's birthday. You only have to choose!

Children's birthday games for indoors and out

Whether outdoors in summer, sun, sunshine or indoors in freezing temperatures and winter cold - on this page you will find suggestions for the children's birthday in all weather and mood. Quiet and contemplative games, craft ideas, theme parties, tips for decoration as well as instructions for well-known games can be found under the individual headings.

Also variants to popular classics you get offered here. Also, the question of reward and prices you should think twice. Is there always something sweet to be given home on a birthday party, or is there perhaps another alternative?

Align child birthdays according to seasons

Especially interesting you can make the birthday party, if you are a little oriented to the seasons. Of course, we are aware that waterbomb battles can only take place above 25 degrees Celsius.

But how can a selection of games and sweets be canceled around Christmas time? Tangerines and nuts instead of chocolate and cake? No, you should not keep it that strict on a birthday party. Nevertheless, but baked apples and gingerbread houses would be a delicious change. And also an atmospheric Christmas crafts offer is still a great idea to calm up children turned up again.

How about a candle umbrella made of sturdy craft film? Or a garland of leaves in autumn? In spring you can paint a flower pot with the children and sprinkle flower seeds into it - the host gift for all the guest children is ready. You can find ideas and selections for individual birthday parties simply and clearly from renowned online providers.

More game ideas for all situations

Clicking on a link opens the page for the respective game idea:

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Do you have any tips or other ideas for playing? Talk to us!

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