Children's songs sheet music and lyrics - music for children

There may be children who are not very musical, but this is more related to non-singing than non-singing. The connection children and music can be traced back to the womb. Children's songs promote the development of children.

Pregnant women report that their unborn child reacts to certain music. With classical music pieces you can calm babies during pregnancy. When parents engage with the child by singing or encouraging him to accompany the notes with clapping or tapping on the table, joy and curiosity are triggered.

Sheet music and lyrics Children's songs

The older the child becomes, the more he will want to use his own voice by listening to singing and music. Audition should therefore be performed not only to fall asleep, but also for entertainment.

All my little ducklings [children's song

All the birds are already there

Hänschen small

Bunny in the pit

Brother come with me dance

A little man stands in the forest

Fox you stole the goose

A bird wanted to do a wedding - bird wedding

A cuckoo was sitting on a tree

The Cuckoo and the donkey

Who wants to see diligent craftsmen?

Show your feet


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