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Mary Poppins already knew that "with a spoonful of sugar" every medicine is easier to swallow. And what was current in the days of Mary Poppins has not changed to this day, at least in terms of “bitter medicine”.

Medicine in children

The child is sick, maybe has a very stupid cough and the doctor has a certain one Cough Syrup prescribed. The problem with such a cough syrup prescribed by a doctor is usually that it doesn't taste good at all.

Giving medicine to children
Administering Medicine to Children - Image by press 👍 and ⭐ on Pixabay

It is said that bitter medicine is supposed to help. The sick person may not care much about that, because they don't want to swallow the juice because it tastes disgusting.

And even if today we are always and everywhere suggested that sugar is something really bad and should be banned from our lives, this little spoonful of sugar helps to swallow this bitter-tasting cough syrup.

You just take a level teaspoon of sugar and let the disgusting-tasting juice drip onto it. Due to the sweetness of the sugar, the bitter taste is largely neutralized and the child will swallow the healing medicine.


Swallowing pills can be another problem. Sometimes normal medicine is not enough and the pediatrician will give an antibiotic. Anyone who has ever had to take such pills can certainly tell a song about them.

In many cases these tablets are quite large and even adults often have difficulty swallowing them. How is it supposed to be for a child?

The magic word here is “pill divider”. Such a tablet divider is available in pharmacies and sometimes also in well-stocked household goods stores or departments in department stores. The price for this is estimated at between € 1,50 and € 4,00 and this purchase is definitely worthwhile.

The child may then have to swallow two or four times (depending on whether you cut the tablet in half or quarter), but the fact that it has been crushed makes it easier to swallow.

As described in the two examples, there are other “little helpers” to help sick children a little in their recovery. For example, the brightly colored plaster of paris for a fracture or colored plasters for minor injuries.

But one thing is very clear and should always be kept in mind: Children recover the fastest when they can be around mum and / or dad, who take care of the little patients and give them a lot of love, security and a good portion of pampering.

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