Climbing parks for children in nature

Climbing, balancing and jumping are natural needs of a child. The child learns movement sequences and trains his coordination skills.

Climbing parks for children

Climbing forests are ideal excursion destinations for the whole family so that children can let off steam and train dexterity and endurance.

Climbing parks for children
Climbing parks for children - picture by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

In climbing forests, artificial climbing routes are created in trees. The individual routes (parcours) are connected by different climbing elements and have different degrees of difficulty.

There are high rope courses for advanced skiers. It is important to back up here, otherwise it can be dangerous. All climbing forests and high ropes courses are subject to legal regulations so that safety for young and old is guaranteed. Trained specialists are of course also necessary and are on hand to provide the climbers with advice and assistance.

Climbing and balancing

Children can build up their courage on wobbly bridges or shimmy through the forest on hanging swings.

Balancing on tree trunks, overcoming zigzag and wobbly swings and climbing ladders ensure that the child's motor skills are improved.

Climbing climbing walls or crossing net-like rope constructions is not only fun, but also promotes the self-confidence of the little climbers. Especially children who grow up in big cities are no longer used to many movement sequences and can learn and train them here. Concentration and attention are trained in a playful way.

Requirements for climbing

Most climbing forests have a minimum age of 5 or 6 years, a minimum height of 1,10 meters and a maximum weight of around 100 kilos, which of course also applies to adults. In case of doubt, this should be inquired about and can usually be found on the website of the respective system.

In the climbing forests, children under the age of 14 are only allowed to climb when accompanied by an adult. Light and comfortable but well-fitting clothing and sturdy shoes are part of the basic equipment.

Before visiting a park, the call should stand, because at the weekend and during the holidays, these parks are well visited and there can be very long waiting times, which rob any kid's fun. Furthermore, parks are closed for safety reasons on rainy days.

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