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Many couples speak to each other with pet names, instead of the actual first name to use. As the word "pet name" already reveals, they are a verbal caress of two people.

Hasi, Schnucki, Barchen: What is behind pet names?

It is a sign of tenderness and special familiarity and demonstrates a close relationship with each other when referring to the partner by pet name.

Meaning of pet names
What is behind the nickname? - (c)

There are no limits to your imagination: from treasure to rabbits, mice and bears to other critters. This article shows what is behind your partner lovingly calling them mice or bunnies.

The most popular pet names and their meaning

Most nicknames originate from the animal kingdom, whereby the animals are at the beginning of a relationship usually still quite small (like eg sparks or little mice) and are then settled in the course of a longer relationship rather in the area of ​​the larger animals (such as donkeys).

According to statistics, the bunny, rabbit or rabbit is at the top of the list of favorite pet names. Closely followed by the classic sweetheart or darling. Even bears, bears or bears as well as mice, mice or mice call each other many couples.

If somebody names his lover / his sweetheart "Rabbit" or "Hasi", he or she finds the partner sexy and physically attracted to the partner. A rabbit is relatively small and therefore more vulnerable but also has a very cuddly coat that invites you to cuddle.

But beware: If one of the partners suddenly calls mice or bunnies, this does not bode well: one is degraded to a dependent and helpless being by the partner, however sincere it sounds.

If the partner is referred to as "Bärli" or "Bär", this is most likely to be associated with the Tapsigkeit or also with its size. The bear is also considered an animal that can provide protection and security, just a paternal type to cuddle.

A partner is referred to as a "mouse" if he prefers a quiet partner, one who does not make many demands, because the mouse is known more as a shy, small and helpless animal. The undisputed classic among pet names is probably "treasure". If your partner calls you that, he knows that he has something very valuable about you that he absolutely wants to bind to you, but is also connected to a certain claim.

Pet names are a private matter

You can see that the animal world opens up a multitude of possibilities for lovers to express tenderness verbally. Most of the time, the partner is given a nickname in the initial phase of the relationship, but it usually stays that way.

But beware: nicknames are meant to be very nice, but not everyone depends on it, especially not in public. What some people can just barely tolerate in their togetherness, some contemporaries find only embarrassing.

Especially when pet names like: Pupsilein, marzipan pigs or fat people are in use. Pet names are always a sign of special intimacy, solidarity and familiarity. They are a characteristic of intimate togetherness and that's where you belong. Otherwise they are really inappropriate.

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