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Plants, shrubs, grass and trees - they are all part of our beautiful nature. For many people, they are an expression of beauty and create a relaxed environment, even in the hectic everyday life of the 21. Century.

Plants - the most beautiful sides of nature

When looking for an apartment or house, many people attach great importance to a garden and green surroundings. No wonder, after all, you feel very comfortable in the middle of a blooming garden landscape, you relax and forget the worries of the stressful everyday life.

But it's not just summer that makes our hearts beat faster. Every season has its own charm and charm. Snow-covered meadows and trees in winter are followed by a sea of ​​yellow, orange and red in autumn. When the days get warmer again, the first buds sprout from the bare trees and the first plants begin to unfold their beauty.

And even in our own four walls, we are extremely reluctant to forego a bit of nature. From small potted plants to aquatic plants in the aquarium to room-high palm trees, almost every one of us has plants as decoration in our own home. Few of us would like to do without nature entirely, even if it is just an artificial replica in the form of artificial plants.

Plant photos - enjoy nature on demand

It is not for nothing that many souvenir photos are taken in the colorful nature. But even pictures that only perpetuate our beautiful nature have a very special charm and that's not the only reason they hang in many of our apartments. Photos of our enchanting plants and trees are all too popular, especially on the computer or smartphone.

Finally, I just wish you a lot of fun with the free plant photos!

Free plant photos

All photos on this page were photographed by us and may be used and published free of charge and without consideration for any private and commercial purpose.  A click on a photo opens the picture gallery of free plant photos in which you can enlarge the photos of the plants again:

Of course, photos cannot completely replace real nature. If you want to experience the colorful and varied spectacle of our nature to the fullest, you should just go out into the fresh air. However, the photos on our site are ideally suited for the cold and gloomy seasons and can also bring a piece of nature home to people from the big city who do not live in the countryside.

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