Create cress head with children yourself

Creating a cress head yourself is the ultimate when you want to encourage children to snack on healthy herbs.

Create cress head yourself and snack on vitamins

The self-designed Kresseköpfe look funny and are a great eye-catcher on the windowsill, the dining table or in the kitchen. Cress heads can be designed in several ways, depending on how much time you have or what materials you want to get.

Make cress heads out of eggshells

The simplest way to make a cress head is the eggshell method. For this you can use boiled eggs, but of course before spooned. The small lid is no longer needed for the self-designed cress head. The rest of the ice is washed well and left to dry.

Then the egg is painted. Lips, nose and eyes should not be missing from our self-designed cress head. If you like, you can also attach shaky eyes - they are available in every handicraft shop. Feet may also be cut out of clay or foam rubber and stuck to the cress friend. He also sits well in an eggcup.

After the egg is so prepared, it is filled with potting soil and the cress is sown. Quite simply it goes with cotton wool. Simply stuff cotton balls or loose cotton into the empty egg. Keep cotton wool or soil of the self-designed cress head moist and germinate.

Soon the little friend will grow green hair. Nice is also a whole Cresshead family!

Shape cress head with the tights method

The self-designed cress head made of pantyhose and sawdust gets a bit bigger and the harvest is a bit more productive. You need sawdust and tights.

The latter one cuts off a leg together with foot. That's what you need and fill it with sawdust. Of course you can then not only form a head, but also all sorts of figures.

A self-made cress head is only one of many variations. Cress mice are also very cute with green hair. Or hedgehog!

For the head, however, the head shape is now firstly pressed with the hands. Then sprinkle the cress seeds on the sawdust and knot the tights. Now, the self-designed cress head is actually missing only Wackelaugen and lips of woolen threads. You can simply stick it on.


Also keep this cress head moist. That works well with a water sprayer.

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