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Art lives when people come into contact with each other via a certain object. A painting, a film, or an opera performance is not art per se. First of all, they are pure products.

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Only when they are perceived as interpreting by at least one person - who is not directly involved in the creation process. Then an object becomes art.

What is art?
What is art? When does a painting become art?

“The highest art does not need explanation and all applied psychologies. She presents her designs and trusts her magic without fear of being misunderstood. ”Hermann Hesse

Based on this, we give artists the opportunity to present their works in public without having to manage their own homepage. And without fear of not being understood.

No matter whether you take pictures, design your own works of art or trace existing works, we are happy to exhibit your work.

Clicking on a link opens the page with the selected works of art:

painting Susanne Löcher

painting Susanne Löcher


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Would you like to publish your own works? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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