Short story for children - stage fright

"Five minutes, it's your turn, Nick. Are you ready? "Asked the head of the theater group. Nick's breath caught. At first he did not answer the question. "Nick, is everything alright?" Nick shook his head. "I can not do that!" "What do you mean?" "I can not go out there. I'm just too excited, "Nick said in a shaky voice.

Short story for children - stage fright before the first appearance

"You do not need to be afraid at all. I can imagine that you are excited, but there is no reason for that. We rehearsed this piece for over a year. I know you'll do a good job. "" I do not know, "Nick said. One noticed his uncertainty. Nick always liked to be on stage, because he liked the theater very much. Because of this, he had decided to join the theater group, but now, so close to the show, the nervousness was clearly noticeable.

"There are still three minutes left. You can do it, Nick. "The head of the theater group tried to scare Nick away, because in the rehearsals Nick had always mastered his performance and she was sure that Nick would do the right thing on this show as well. "Come on. Take a deep breath and then you will. "" Okay, I'll go out there. But what if I promise myself? "

"That does not matter. The audience will not laugh at you. But you certainly will not promise, because you have always been very good in all rehearsals. I am sure that you will present your text without mistakes. We have rehearsed a lot and you can memorize your text. That'll be fine. "Nick closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Two minutes left. Alright? "Asked the director of the theater group. "Yeah, all right." "Great. I'll give you a sign when it's your turn. "" Okay, "Nick confirmed.

"It's about time. Get ready, Nick. "Nick confirmed this with a nod. "Now, it's your turn." Nick walked past the curtain and entered the stage. The lights of the headlights blinded him, so that Nick could not see at first, but after a few seconds Nick's eyes got used to the glare of the headlights.

He could only see the first row. There sat people Nick had never seen before. That fact relieved him, for had he seen his parents sitting in the front row, his excitement would have grown even bigger. Now Nick could concentrate completely on his performance. He stood at the edge of the stage because the rehearsals determined he should go there. Nick breathed deeply again.

In his mind he already spoke his first sentence. The feeling of standing on stage made Nick feel very comfortable. The excitement gave way to a certain anticipation. Nick knew right then that he would get his performance right.

Ten minutes after Nick entered the stage, he left again. Nick had only a small but important role in the play. He stood on the stage for ten minutes. Many pairs of eyes were focused on him during that time, but that did not bother Nick. He was able to enjoy his performance to the fullest.

The director of the theater group put her hand on Nick's shoulder. "You did well, Nick. It was not that bad, was it? "She asked. "No not at all. I was worried for nothing. I had a lot of fun out there. I'd love to go on stage again, "Nick smiled. The director of the theater group began to laugh softly. After all, the play was not over yet. A loud laugh might have disturbed the actors on stage.

"You can rest now. When the play is over, all actors go on stage again. I'll let you know again. "" Okay, "Nick said. He was very satisfied with his performance. In fact, he was looking forward to going on the stage once more. He sat down on a chair that stood in a corner and listened to the actors who were currently standing on the stage. Nick could not see her as he sat behind the curtain, but he knew exactly what the actors were doing on stage, because of course he knew every scene of the play from the numerous rehearsals.

In some cases he was even able to speak the lyrics of the other actors. During the rehearsals he had heard the texts of his teammates often enough that he could automatically memorize them after a certain time. When he heard a certain sentence, he knew that the play was nearing its end. The play would take no more than fifteen minutes.

The waiting time seemed to take forever for Nick. He wanted to go back to the stage. At last the director of the theater group came back to him. The other players arrived as well. "That was great, people. It was a great gig. Now you go all on the stage again, because the audience want to cheer you. Have fun, "said the director of the theater group and pushed the curtain aside. The children went back to the stage and were greeted with applause by the spectators. A sign that the piece has pleased the audience. The children, including Nick, were happy about the loud applause. They bowed happily and then left the stage again. The performance of the piece was truly successful.

"And did you like the piece?" Nick asked as he approached his parents. "It was great," said Nick's mother. "We had a good time," added Nick's father. "We're proud of you." "Thanks," Nick replied sheepishly. "Come on, let's go home."

During the drive home, Nick thought about the performance of the play all the time. All actors had managed to recite their text without any mistake. The spectators had their fun. Of course, this also applied to the actors who were on stage. After this great experience, Nick decided to stay in the theater group. He wanted to go back to the stage and perform again in front of an audience.

One year had passed. Nick had implemented his plan. He was still active in the theater group. Playing the drama was so much fun now that he was ready to play a bigger role in the play. The director of the theater group noticed that Nick had a great time playing drama. He showed a lot of dedication and also talent.

For this reason, the head of the theater group Nick offered to take over one of the main roles in the play. Nick accepted this offer gratefully and happily. It was no longer difficult for him to go on stage, because he felt well prepared for his performance. Just before he went on stage, he turned back to the other actors and said: "Come, we have some fun."

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