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In the age of television, computers, streaming services and smartphones, important things are sometimes neglected. That includes reading a good book. However, a study by the Reading Foundation shows how important reading is. And the study comes to a clear conclusion: Reading aloud promotes the desire and willingness to read.

Read short story aloud for better grades

The earlier the children are read, the better. And only those who can read can participate in society and the media and understand things.

The study by the Reading Foundation shows that children who are read to early and regularly get better grades later in school. In addition, these children are more active and exercise a lot more in their free time. This eliminates the prejudice that reading children would rather sit in their room than play outside. Reading aloud encourages the children to read for themselves.

Free short stories to read aloud
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This in turn has a positive effect on their education and activity. It is important that the parents read the books themselves and not run an audio book. This does not have the same effect, if only because the parents' presence is completely absent.

Reading aloud creates proximity

Even with the little ones, parents can look at picture books and tell stories about them. This is how the babies acquire the language and enjoy the words. In infancy, parents can then read short, easy-to-understand stories. The children learn to connect the pictures with stories and to create connections.

Children whose parents read to them early have much more fun later and are more interested in reading books themselves. Since they can do this at school, most parents stop reading to children at this point. It is better, however, if the parents continue to read stories.

Because the children get the opportunity to play their fantasy world and do not have to concentrate on the technique of reading. They continue to combine reading with relaxation and not with a burden that they only have to do for school. Once the children feel that reading is a duty, it will be difficult for them to enjoy it.

Books that parents and children can take turns reading are good. These books are designed in such a way that difficult and easy passages alternate. This gives the children the feeling that they can keep up with their parents. Reading aloud also creates a lot of closeness and security. In these moments, the parents are exclusively occupied with the child, perhaps even sitting on the parents' lap. These should then also switch off the phone and cell phones and only be there for the child.

Rules for reading aloud

Reading aloud should be a set ritual that children can rely on. This also increases the joy of it and it becomes an integral part of the day. A good time to read is in the evening, when the parents are putting their child to bed. A nice bedtime story brings the child to rest. It is better for parents to read out exciting and engaging stories during the day.

Even then, the parents can create a fixed ritual. Some children need peace and security after attending kindergarten. This is a good opportunity for a book. The parents should adjust the length of the story to the age of the child. Young children need short and simple stories.

Our short stories for children at a glance

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