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Canada is the northernmost country in North America and stretches from the USA as its southern neighbor to well beyond the Arctic Circle in the north.

Provinces and Territories in Canada

On this page we would like to introduce you to the country geographically. Below is a list of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada with their respective capitals:

British ColumbiaProvinzVictoria
New BrunswickProvinzFredericton
New Foundland and LabradorProvinzSt. John's
Northwest TerritoriesterritoryYellowknife
Nova ScotiaProvinzHalifax
Prince Edward IslandProvinzCharlottetown
QuebecProvinzQuebec City

The main difference between provinces and territories in Canada lies in the degree of their independence. Provinces can act independently in many things, while many tasks and decisions for the territories are taken over centrally at the state level.

Canada map provinces and territories

Please click on the map to enlarge it:

Map of Canada
Canada political map with territories, provinces and capital cities

How many countries border Canada?

Despite its unimaginable size of just over 9.880 km², Canada only borders the USA in the south. But the US-Canadian border is the longest border between 2 states worldwide.

More maps of Canada

Clicking on a drawing opens the selected Canadian map:

Map of Canada
Political map of Canada provinces colored without designation

Map of Canada
Canada political map black and white without labels

Map Canada to design yourself
Map of Canada for Young Children


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