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A love poem must touch the heart. And that's exactly what never really happened to us when we were looking for a beautiful love poem ourselves. Reason enough for us to write a new love poem.

Beautiful love poem

We consciously did not follow the classical rhyme scheme. Knowing that this form will not please everyone, but we consider this form more meaningful.

love poem
Love poem - © Papirazzi / Adobe Stock

The following poem may be shared. A pdf file as well as a jpg-file are available at the end of this poem:

Love poem - silver threads

The silence is broken
The quiet and cool covered the air
The sleep alone nourished
The longing only repressed

I look up at the firmament
It is shining in silver threads
The ground warm, the hand slightly quivering
The heart wide open, striving further

My eyes are searching, joyful, trembling
He greets you expectantly
How do you manage, despite my defense
To nourish the most beautiful in myself

I am awake from a slumber
That only served the protection of the heart
By your kind, your gentle humming
I could not help it, I had to be

I had to love, I have to choose you
No cocoon can hold me
No wall, feared
May reduce our proximity

I look up at the firmament
Thanking each star and light path
Feeling every moment for you
I am shining in silver threads


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love poem
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